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Awesome or Awful – The Reuben Pizza

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2016 at 11:35 am 55 Comments

The Reuben Pizza courtesy &pizza

From &pizza:

“Today, they are launching two new seasonal products: The Reuben pizza and the Smoke + Aces tea.

Couple of details about the new products:

The Reuben pizza: A seasonal pie inspired by a deli classic, the Reuben sandwich. Topping include creamy Thousand Island dressing, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, sliced pastrami and tangy slaw

Smoke + Aces tea: A bourbon-inspired sweet tea with hints of smoked hazelnut. Made locally in Washington, D.C., the tea is handcrafted and produced in small batches with organic sugar”

  • shmoo

    awful. simply awful. this is everything pizza should not be. You want a reuben, go get a reuben.

    • Anon

      You seem to be somehow offended that a business is offering a product in which you have no interest. Okie dokie.

      • anon

        Sounds like they’re just responding to the question posed in the title of the post…

        • Rich

          &pizza plays hardball with negative Yelp reviews. they’ve really done a good job of hyping their not very good product.

          • petworther

            How so?

          • Rich

            Submit a negative review & see.

          • nattyboh

            Or how about you tell us, Rich, since we’re obviously not going to go make a fake negative review just to see how they react.

  • Rich

    Given that their pizza features flavorless sauce and limp crust, this provides a way to divert attention from the fundamental crappiness of their product.

    • Kingman Park

      Tell us how you really feel lol.

    • AG

      OMG, I seriously don’t understand all the raves about &pizza. I was so excited to try it and was so disappointed when I finally did. Despite some interesting combos, I found it kind of flavorless. Definitely did not hit the pizza craving spot.

      • The OP Anon

        I prefer Custom Fuel for these individual conveyor-belt pizza places. Their buffalo chicken pizza (with crunchy garlic chips on top) is an amazing hangover helped – om nom nom nom nom.

      • Anon

        I mean, you get a pizza with unlimited toppings for $9. Something’s gotta give if the owners hope to make a profit, no?

      • &pizza is decent, fill you up type pizza that’s very inexpensive for what you get. Anyone hyping it as “great pizza” and building an expectation that has people “so excited” to try it has done you a disservice in detailing what it is.

  • Kingman Park

    That looks like coleslaw not sauerkraut.

    • jumpingjack

      Good point.

    • Anon Spock

      Listing says it has both.

  • Most actual reubens in this city are awful, so I can’t imagine this to be one of their better creations.

    • wdc

      Most? I’ve had more good reubens than bad. Are you ordering them at greek restaurants or something?

      • Kingman Park

        Ted’s Reuben is pretty great although I don’t appreciate how it’s the most expensive sandwich on their menu.

      • Yes, most. Considering that there are at least 50 Subway locations in DC and they all offer a reuben I think it’s safe to say that claim is substantiated by them alone, not to mention everyone else who fails at it. I didn’t say most of the ones made by ex-pat New York deli owners or anything along the lines. I’ve had one or two here that were decent, almost all were mediocre or bad.

        • wdc

          Ok, but are you going to Subway and ordering ruebens? If you are, your opinion on reubens is invalid.
          Do you say “most of the burgers in this city are awful”? Because there are a lot more McDonalds than there are Ray’s. (or whatever your $18 burger of choice is.)
          Sure, you can find a whole lot of subpar food of every genre almost anywhere you look. But to say “reubens in DC are bad” and then point to *Subway* to reinforce your position… I don’t… I can’t even…

          • Anon

            Yea, that logic….

          • I only point that out because you seem to question the accuracy of the statement, rather than my personal experience of ordering them here. For me it is true both anecdotally, and likely statistically. I’m happy for you that you’ve had mostly good reubens in DC, but I however have not.

          • wdc

            Statistically? Really? If that’s what we’re doing, then we can just go to “most FOOD in DC is awful.” Because there are more corner chicken/ chinese/ subs places than anything else. Add in all the lowest-of-the-low-end fast food, and by your logic, we should not eat. Because statistics. Just as the reuben pizza has some things in common with the reuben sandwich, which is bad (at Subway), everything else we could eat also has something in common with a bad thing. (I had bad Indian food once from an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at 3:30pm. So I won’t go to Rasika.)
            Now, I have no doubt that you will wear me down with the usual attempted pedantry, but know in your own mind that you are really really wrong on this, that your logic is nonexistent, and that excellent reubens are available and it’s not some chain pizza joint’s fault that you don’t know where to order them and where to avoid them.

          • You clearly are incapable of grasping the fact that your experience having a good reuben in DC does not encapsulate all others’ experiences. I have no idea why you’re so adamantly opposed to the possibility of other people having shitty experiences, but I can assure you that it has happened. I hope that some part of you realizes the irony of calling me a pedant on this subject, when that is precisely what you’re doing. Good day.

          • wdc

            Actually, no. I have no doubt you have had lousy reubens, probably because you seem to think Subway counts. Still don’t understand that, but hey, you brought it up.
            You cannot claim that all reubens in DC are bad because you’ve had bad ones. I say most are good, because I’ve had mostly good ones. Then again, *I* am very careful about what I order and where I order it. And I haven’t been to a Subway since the 90s.
            Put another way, you are clearly incapable of grasping that your lousy reuben experience does not encapsulate all others’ experiences, demonstrated by your ease in proclaiming all DC reubens to be bad. Maybe you don’t actually like reubens? Hmmm…
            Now. Back to statistics? Because I really loved that bit. Let’s talk more about the “statistics” of good sandwiches.

          • anony

            FWIW Justin never said that all Reubens in DC were bad or that he even had a Reuben from Subway. Even a rudimentary reading of his posts could grasp this, but you seem intent on arguing with him as a persona. I suggest actually reading posts rather than reading for what you want to see if you want to act indignant. Or just continue sounding ignorant, your choice.

          • @WDC, I’m not sure why you seem to so consistently want to argue with so much of what I say on this site, but whatever it is you’re harboring makes it really difficult to actually engage in a conversation that makes sense. I’ll make one last effort to spell it out for you like I would for a small child, and if you still can’t get it, then that’s on you:
            1) I said most reubens in DC are awful (to emphasize the point that a reuben made into a pizza by a place notorious for using cheap vs quality would in turn be awful, which is what the question posed)
            2) You chose to be pedantic and question my usage of the word most, rather than focus solely on your own experience
            3) I pointed out that due to the large number of Subway locations in DC, along with other shitty chains, that it’s very likely statistically possible that most reubens are indeed awful, for whatever deviation of awful someone wants to define
            4) you extrapolate that into two different arguments that I never made a) all reubens in DC are bad, and b) I eat Subway reubens, and that is the basis for my original claim
            Hopefully you can see the divergence of understanding there, and in the future refrain from putting words in my mouth, as that is where delicious sandwiches belong. If you want to continue this discussion I invite you to our PoPville happy hour at Barcelona on Thursday, maybe they’ll have some reuben inspired chorizo.

        • nattyboh

          Don’t go to Subway for Ruebens, that’s why you haven’t had any good ones. Try deli city restaurant.

          • Thanks for the tip and not for fully reading.

          • nattyboh

            You would like Ruebens more if you didn’t get them from Subway, is all I’m saying. I don’t know why you’re getting so fussy.

          • I never said that I did, thanks again for still not bothering to read the context.

        • Kingman Park

          Subway counts as 1 location offering Reuben’s. Not 50.

  • jumpingjack

    I refused a free sample of their cheeseburger pizza. This one looks worse.


    What no Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza? They better have ready next time I’m there.

  • Emmaleigh504

    The tea sounds semi gross, but the pizza sounds good.

  • KDY

    Awful, but entirely in line with this place’s offerings. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of & Pizza. The recipes are all really heavy-handed and over-the-top, and they just don’t taste that great. Simple is better.

    • Rich

      It’s DC,. there are few good choices and lots of people are recent college graduates who probably spent 4 years eating stuff that was just as bad or worse.

  • Tom

    It’s funny that my opinion about POP commenters is spot-on with what the commenters think about almost everything. They are terrible.

    • textdoc

      Wait… are you saying (in a very oblique way) that PoPville commenters are terrible? Or that you think this pizza sounds awful and are pleased to see that most PoPville commenters agree with you?

      • Anon

        Don’t feed the trolls – they seem to be perfectly capable of feeding themselves.

        • textdoc

          If Tom is trolling, he needs to do it less obliquely. I know I need caffeine, but still.

    • Tom you sound like that type of guy that would enjoy a Reuben pizza.

  • Gabeyo

    How do you know its awful if you haven’t tried it yet? You might actually like a Reuben or Tea pizza

  • jenster8dc

    Given that the reuben is basically my anti-sandwich–I hate everything involved with it–I am firmly in the “NOPE” camp for this.

    • Anon

      Alright Jenster, thems be fighting words.

      • jenster8dc

        I can’t help it. Corned beef? No sir. Swiss? Ew. Rye bread? No thank you. Sauerkraut? Meh, to say the least. Russian dressing? GOOD GOD, MAN.
        In short, you could chase me down the street with a reuben.

        • Anon

          OH, IT’S ON NOW!

  • Blithe

    I’ve no opinion re: the pizza, but the tea sounds vile. If I wanted bourbon, I’d drink it, instead of hoping that my tea might somehow be “inspired” by it. If I wanted smoked hazelnuts, I’d probably go for coffee. Does “handcrafted and produced in small batches” mean that did something “locally” to process the tea? Or just that they steeped it in water within 25 miles of the restaurant? I’m also cringing at using tea as an opportunity for yet another “+” or “&” moniker. The good thing about this is it makes it very easy for me to get that I’m not a part of their targeted demographic. I’m reacting to the marketing though, since I’ve no idea what the actual product is like. If anyone’s actually tasted this stuff I’d be interested in reading a review.

    • To answer one of your questions, they’re now producing their own wines, beer, and teas here in DC.

    • The OP Anon

      They used Potomac water. That cloudy stuff you see in the bottle is just extra protein and “flavor crystals”

  • Caroline

    I don’t eat beef so I’ve never had a Reuben. They’ve always sounded good though. It seems like it would work in pizza format, aside from two concerns: that the toppings would get dried out in the oven, and that it’s better with everything smushed together. The second one could be mitigated by folding a slice in half, of course, but maybe you should just be eating a sandwich at that point.

  • HV

    I’m eating one right now. It’s pretty tasty.


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