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Your Adoptable Animal Fix and Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Tyrion

by Prince Of Petworth December 10, 2015 at 3:25 pm 21 Comments

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“We are asking for a Christmas miracle. Much like pregnant Mary and Joseph were in search of shelter around this time of year, 2015 years later, our very own Panda-Kitty (kitty found on 11th Street) is also in need of similar help.

Panda-Kitty is not neutered, making it hard to find an adoptive home. The humain society is not taking appointments until January 1st and other neutering options costs $500.00, which we just can’t afford. Myself and other housemates will be traveling for the holidays and will, therefore, be unable to feed Panda-Kitty or change his litter. Also, our roommate’s allergies have persisted and become unbearable to the point that he is threatening to throw Panda-Kitty back out on the street if we don’t find him a home soon.

Anyone interested in adopting Panda-Kitty permanently or who is willing to watch him until we can get him neutered at the humain society, please contact me at 202-431-7793 or by email [email protected]


“We’re fostering Jupiter in Fairlawn and he’s up for adoption – his adoption page is here. He’s an adorable, ADOPTABLE pup!”


“Tyrion went missing on December 7th in the evening. We live in Riggs park on chillum pl. Tyrion weighs about 12 pounds. He is light grey with a white bow tie marking. He is not wearing a collar, but he is microchipped. Please email [email protected] if found and take to Washington humane society on new York Ave.”

  • Anon Spock

    Can’t you just owner surrender in DC or nearby? I’m pretty sure the kitty doesn’t need to be neutered to do that.

    • jhill

      Exactly, just bring him to the Washington Humane Society at either Georgia Ave or NY Ave and they will take him. He does not need to be neutered and will also be assessed there and put up for adoption/foster.

      • jhill

        Please do not just throw him out on the street. There are many viable alternatives. Humane Society is much, much better than being homeless again.

    • textdoc

      I was going to suggest taking Panda-Kitty to WHS — I was told that they have a high adoption rate for friendly cats.
      (There’s an unneutered friendly stray on my block that I’m hoping to capture and take to WHS so that he can be neutered, vaccinated, and (I hope) adopted.)

  • llucas

    I live in Riggs Park and will be on the lookout for Tyrion.

    • OP – Tyrion

      Thank you! We have a couple flyers up on Chillum PL. We’ll be adding more tonight.

  • Please surrender Panda to the Humane society. Do not just throw him out. You can even tell them you just found a stray and ask that they come pick him up. Realistically, his chances of adoption are very low (8403 adoptable cats currently on Petfinder within 100 miles of DC. ) but at least his last days will not be brutal, cold and scary.

    People – please spay and neuter! Also, Homeward Trails, and probably all the rescue groups, is still looking for temporary fosters for the holidays. This is a very difficult time for animals.

    • textdoc

      “Realistically, his chances of adoption are very low (8403 adoptable cats currently on Petfinder within 100 miles of DC. )” I don’t think that’s fair to say. Wouldn’t the more relevant statistic be what WHS’s current kill rate is?
      It was the HT cat program coordinator (whom I was asking about the stray in my neighborhood) who said that WHS had good adoption rates for friendly cats.

      • AG

        An article I found on WUSA9 from last year said their kill rate is about 20%. That doesn’t seem very high, and I assume a fairly young, friendly cat will have a higher chance of getting adopted. Either way, it’s better than dying out in the cold on the streets.

      • All the rescue groups have a good rate for friendly cats. The problem is, that there are 50 friendly cats to every adoptive home. Many are in foster care, (which often becomes a semi-permanent home because of amazing fosters.) Rescue groups, Homeward Trails and others, take in every cat and kitten they possibly can, bringing them in from rural shelters in W. Virginia, North Carolina and other places with low adoption rates, but that is still a very tiny percentage.

        Sorry, but there is no such thing as a “no Kill” shelter. Does NOT exist. There are only shelters who pass off the heartbreaking job of euthanizing animals to others.

      • I don’t know what relevant statistics versus kill rate would be. 2 potential cats for every possible home is still a tough number.

    • CP

      I might be able to foster for the holidays, but I can find very little info about temporary holiday fosters (as opposed to long-term fosters). Is this info collected somewhere? I’d rather not go through the process of cold-calling rescue groups (though I will if necessary), but if someone can make it easier to find a rescue group that needs help, I’d be happy to pitch in.

  • sasindc

    This is the saddest Afternoon Animal Fix I can remember. But, thank you to PoP for the public service you provide for lost and in danger pets.

  • Ally

    Panda Kitty is a dead ringer for my sweet cat Sphynxy, A couple of tips. Some of the Humane Society locales in DC are no-kill facilities (one of the two in DC is…I just can’t remember which one). Try to take him there. They spay and neuter as part of the process of adoption. It’s what people pay the fee for when they adopt. I wish I could take him in because Lord he’s adorable. But, I’ve got a needy cat at home and a needier newborn. If you just need someone to take him for a couple of days, though, I may be able to assist, either in my home or with a friend. I’m at allisonjhazen at gmail dot com. Hope he finds a good home. If he’s anything like my Sphynxy, he’ll make someone very happy.

    • Ally

      Note, Sphynxy is a Washington Humane Society Alumn. I got him and his cage-mate Pam, when I called up the facility and asked which cat was going to be euthanizes first. They were first in line due to being FIV-positive. Best cats in the world. Your awesome kitty will hopefully have similar success and end up a fat, happy paperweight line mine :)

      • zipdc

        Such a sweet rescue story!

  • Elvis’s Mom

    Panda Kitty Owners,

    I’m trying to get you some help. Please please don’t throw him out on the street, especially not neutered!

  • kate900

    Re: Panda Kitty: You seem to mean well but I have to say this. You’re traveling so you can’t feed him or clean his litter box? That’s what pet sitters are for. Yes, they cost money, but you agreed to care for a life and that takes responsibility and money. My cat died 4 months ago and when I traveled while he was sick, I paid the pet sitter double to check on him twice a day. Expensive? Sure. But he was worth it and I could have never lived with myself if I had taken responsibility for his life and then neglected him or thrown him in the street when he became inconvenient. I hope you do find a shelter or someone to take him. I wish I could but I’m not ready for a new cat yet.

    • dcd

      I may be wrong, but I believe they found that cat as a stray and took him in. While I agree there are better options that throwing the cat back out on the street, some of this ire may be misplaced.
      As a separate question, how does one know whether a cat would like a companion or not? I have a very, very sweet cat, and while I THINK she’d like some company, I would really hate to be wrong.

      • houseintherear

        In my experience, fostering is the *perfect* way to go about finding a second kitty. It’s very easy to foster with WHS… and the staff is great about helping to find a foster that will fit in well.

      • kate900

        dcd, there was no “ire” in my comment. I was as kind and measured as possible since the poster seemed genuinely concerned. There were two issues here – one, finding a shelter that would take him and he/she was genuinely trying to do so. My comment above was directed at the idea of them going on vacation and therefore no one could feed him or clean his litter box. That’s why I said when you take responsibility for a life, you live up to that responsibility – hire a petsitter or find a friend to take care of him.


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