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Washington Nationals Fully Support Ryan Zimmerman

by Prince Of Petworth December 28, 2015 at 10:10 am 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

Yesterday Yahoo Sports reported:

According to the Huffington Post, Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, Washington Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman and free-agent catcher Taylor Teagarden obtained performance-enhancing drugs from the Guyer Institute in Indiana.”

The Nationals responded with a statement of their own:


  • Jake in DC

    I hope it’s not true, but damn……I never know these days. :-/

  • domrep

    Its human nature to deny, but as we’ve seen with people who have said they didn’t take anything, ultimately that wasn’t true. I’d have much more respect for them if they just came out and said they took something rather than keep up the charade. I heard something interesting on ESPN Radio this morning, Peyton Manning is the perfect candidate for this. Wholesome image, great with the media, the cliche “last guy I would think that would take something.” But Peyton’s been injured the last few years so it wouldn’t shock me if he took something. Same w/Ryan, he’s hurt every year. Clean image, the guy you’d least suspect.

  • shmoo

    the nats are fools. dont comment on it. let it die and go away. the al jazeera source recanted. it is a non-story.

    this is going to turn into the raphael palmero steroids story where it was a blanket denial until it couldnt be denied any longer.

    • GBinCH

      You don’t think there’s value in a team standing by its players? In my mind, it sends a strong message to all the players on the team when they come out strongly defending Ryan. He’s been an integral part of the team for years and the opposite, saying nothing in his defense, would be a slap in the face. This isn’t analogous to Palmero – with the source recanting, I highly doubt the story will develop to show that Ryan, or any of the other athletes named, actually did take HGH.

      • shmoo

        then you are not looking at history. often times a player appears on a list. the team backs them. then, down the line, they end up looking like fools.

    • petworther

      Definitely better to not issue a statement. I doubt this is going to die down though. Testing in American sports (baseball, football, etc) is non-existent compared to track and cycling. There is still widespread drug use in professional sports here and one day the chickens are going to home to roost.

  • Yahoo Sports reported that the Huffington Post reported that an Al Jazeera report that’s already been denied by the source says… Yeah, I wouldn’t be losing much sweat over this one Nats fans.

    • ST21

      Precisely. This whole report seems like absolute BS.

      Not sure how anyone could take this seriously after the ONLY source throughout the “under-cover investigation” was an unpaid intern who has a spotty track record in all things life. THEN you add in the fact that your only source has since recanted all his claims and you just can’t give it any credibility.

      Remember in 2013 when Gio had all those allegations against him that proved to be false? I think we’ll see the same thing play out here.

      If Ryan Zimm and Ryan Howard were taking PED’s, however, then those are the worst PED’s of all time….

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      And here we have Popville reporting that Yahoo reported that Huffington Post reported that Al Jazeera reported this information!

      • textdoc

        I don’t mind PoPville reporting about Yahoo News’s report… but it seems lazy for Yahoo News to report on the HuffPost report, rather than going to the primary source (the Al Jazeera report).
        To be fair, when I clicked on the Al Jazeera link in the HuffPost article, it looked like there was no text version — just a video report. But still.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          For all we know, Yahoo News is dumb and was too scared to contact the source, because they were confusing Al Jazeera with Al Qaeda.

  • The OP Anon

    Meh, they all do it. The labs and scientists are always two steps and a few years ahead of the regulators.
    Might as well allow it considering no one actually cares. The fans will continue to demand home runs and feats of super human athleticism.
    Again: meh.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Al Jazeera is trying so hard to be relevant in the US. A little too hard, apparently.

  • Jojo

    Just want to take this opportunity to point out that HGH use is no different than having reconstructive elbow ligament surgery. Medical innovations that help repair the body faster. One is frowned upon, the other has become ubiquitous.


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