• Kalorama Resident

    I really wish they would’ve sectioned off one of the planned playground areas for a small fenced in dog park. I don’t see a need for two different aged playgrounds in this location. Even before the renovation I would see far more dogs at this park than children. Overall though I’m glad it’s getting a facelift. It will be a nice improvement to this already beautiful part of the city.

    • Anon

      +1 to this, as a neighbor and dog owner. Or keep the two playgrounds and just add a little dog park. So many people take their dogs off-leash in this park anyway, it would be great to have a fenced-in area to do that.

      • Ward One Resident

        Or, you could just walk the few blocks to the dog park at Walter Pierce Park.

        I’m a HUGE proponent of dog parks, but no playground area should ever be sacrificed or altered for one.

        Also, while this project may have “just started” it’s been discussed for years (YEARS). As a dog owner in the neighborhood you could have attended some meetings, weighed in on the Park FB page, spoken to your ANC commissioner, etc. about the possibility of including a dog park somewhere in the dog park.

        The creation/addition of dog parks in DC require an organization (Friends of, etc.) to submit an application. You could organize some of your neighbors and get started on an application.

      • Anonomnom

        I have to agree with the comment above… I am pretty sure there is a large dog park just a few blocks from here, another would have seemed a bit redundant?

        • Anon

          I do walk the few blocks to that dog park, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate having one in the park right outside my building. (That dog park is also poorly maintained and not great for smaller dogs, but those are issues for another day). There’s also a large playground at Walter Pierce Park, so by that logic are the two Kalorama Park playgrounds redundant? Should families with children just walk the few blocks to that one instead? I’m all for more play spaces for dogs and kids and liked the first commenter’s idea of adding a dog park (but not necessarily taking away a playground, I see both of the playgrounds used pretty frequently). I also haven’t lived in the neighborhood or owned a dog for YEARS, I’m relatively new to both (I got my dog post-announcement of park renovation plans), so the assumptions you’ve made about me are inaccurate, but thanks for your suggestions.

  • INDC

    I wish we had adult-sized playgrounds in the city.

  • Playground Denizen

    If you didn’t see lots of kids at the playground before, it’s because the facilities were so inadequate and in such disrepair that it was a depressing place to take your kids. And consistent with the Broken Windows Theory, I’ve aborted more than one trip to Kalorama playground because of people sleeping on the equipment and once because of human poop on the equipment (I kid you not!).

    This renovation is years and years overdue. Other playgrounds in the city with much less need have undergone recent renovations and are fabulous. Why this one remained neglected for so long has never been clear to me.

    Congratulations to the people who have worked hard to make this happen!

    • anon

      My thoughts exactly. Have taken visiting children there when I lived right nearby, and felt the equipment was very neglected. Glad to see it is being upgraded. And yes, different playground equipment for different ages of children IS needed. There can be room for dog runs, too – it isn’t necessarily an either/or proposition.


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