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Confusion and a 2nd Lockdown at Catholic University Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth December 9, 2015 at 9:06 am 4 Comments


Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted @PoPville last night:

“I wanted to pass along in case other Brookland residents emailed you for information, since it seems like there was a breakdown in communication (between Metro PD Twitter/Catholic Student Body/surrounding neighbors). Some Catholic students in my building informed me that there was an active shooter on campus at least an hour before we received an alert from our building management. Campus and the surrounding streets were shut down and we were told to shelter in place. The forwarded message is the most recent update saying the shooter (details not provided regarding whether actual shots had been fired or if anyone on campus had been injured) has been apprehended.”

From MPD:

Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fourth District responded to the Catholic University of American campus at approximately 7:45 pm for a suspicious person. Officers on the scene were not searching for an armed suspect. Upon further investigation, that person was located. The situation was resolved without incident and the area has been cleared at this time.

The Catholic University Tower reported:

“A person of interest identified tonight is not the same person from last night. Reports of bomb threats in the Library and O’Connell Hall are unfounded and there have been no evacuations.”

  • anonymous

    From the CUA president via e-mail this AM:

    “The order sent out at 8 p.m. was issued when the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) saw a young man who resembled a person suspected of making threats last evening. Further investigation and conversation with the young man made it clear that he was, in fact, someone who had every right to be on campus. MPD and our Department of Public Safety have both concluded that there is no further need for a ‘shelter in place’ order, and that students may freely go about their business.”

  • wdc

    Do you think this is the result of someone taking the advice often given here, to tell the 911 operator that you saw a gun in order to get police to respond more quickly?

  • Annon MPD (2)

    Some of this was lost in translation so I’ll help to clarify.

    Monday night, CUA Canpus Security called MPD with a man with a gun on campus. A complantaint stated that an unknown person armed with a gun put it to the persons head and stated a threat to commit harm. MPD stopped a man matching the discripition give by the complaintant. The complaintant stated that the man MPD had stopped was not the man that did the crime to him.

    Tuesday afternoon, a MPD unit observed a man on CUA campus that matched the look-out from the previous night. That MPD unit attempted to stop that person but he dissapeared into campus. Due to the nature of the call the night before and the subject matching the look-out MPD took steps to stage a sweep of the campus. Prior to that, the subject that the MPD unit observed ended up making his identity known and ended up not being a suspicions person. MPD EOD also did a sweep of that persons car and it was determined to not be of concern.


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