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Bolder Beer Garden coming next door to the Mount Olivet Cemetery

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2015 at 10:22 pm 35 Comments

1240 Mt. Olivet Road, NE

The liquor license placard for Bolder Beer Garden says:

“New Beer Garden with a Total Occupancy Load of 99 to include up to 20 patrons inside premises and up to 79 on the Summer Garden. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Updates when they get closer to opening.


next door the Mount Olivet Cemetery:


across the street from this great liquor sign:


A few blocks away from the Bardo beer garden:

1200 Bladensburg Road, NE

  • anonymous

    I’m not sure about this. There’s NO one living back there that is the “beer garden” crowd. Across the street is a “shit show” all the time. Besides- wasn’t this suppose to be a Rock climbing, café, beer garden all-in-one type setup?

    • Lisa

      Good catch- yes was supposed to be the beer and rock-climbing place of Joe Englert and Langdon Hample. The Post had a good article about it on June 26.

    • dno

      I’m guessing they’ve misspelled boulder in the name, and the plans are still to have bouldering and beer in one place.

      • Lisa

        You’re right, except about the misspelling. Joe Englert is on the corporation papers for Bolder. The climbing wall may yet happen.

    • NE Resident

      I live back there and I am the “beer garden” type. Imagine if you ever ventured outside and into NE. The venues in that area do just fine and the people who live back there are helping support them. As someone said below H st had to start somewhere and people needed to give it a shot.

      Maybe you should stop being such a negative Nancy.

      • Dadric

        Amen to this. As I mentioned below, Atlas/Jimmy Valentines/Bardo do fine, and those locations were considered at least as bad as this one when they opened. I live just south of Trinidad and am certainly looking forward to this.

        A lot of people west of the park (although now it’s more “west of North Cap”) are still afraid of the parts of the city that they don’t know, and think that anything outside of their comfort zone is doomed to fail. For a lot of them, H Street is still too dangerous. To be honest, I’m relatively ok with that, if it saves the rest of NE from becoming what Union Market has become.

  • shmoo

    Interesting spot for a beer garden. I used to bring my cameras to be fixed at Strauss. I remember that street being pretty rough.

  • Still Rough

    Good idea, horrid location. It’s already doomed.

    • Breedentials

      It’s less than two miles away from Union Station. It borders the National Arboretum. How did H St. bootstrap?

      • ET

        I don’t know if it is all about distance. The location is a weird little place bounded by a few things that make getting there harder. It is doable but really awkward.

  • Actual Brewer

    Bardo is the worst beer I’ve ever had. That is all.

    • akoyasyd

      Agreed. That stuff is terrible. And the bathrooms are a nightmare. Dig the space on a sunny day, though.

      • baz
        • akoyasyd

          Haha! Not sure why my comments make me a troll. I don’t enjoy their beer and know many people who agree with the sentiment. I also don’t enjoy the disgusting bathrooms. I do enjoy the space and have had many good times there. A link to others’ reviews of the place doesn’t qualify as evidence that I was trolling. But I can see from your posts below that you would disagree.

    • Toonces

      What would you compare it to? I’ve never tried it.

      • anon

        Your weird uncle’s backyard during a perpetual, awkward-but-fun family reunion (complete with some of your favorite cousins and the odd relatives you’d rather not see), from about late March to mid October. Minus the food though.

        • baz

          nice how your STOLE the yelp review of another, Mr Troll #3

          Bardo is like the giant backyard of your crazy uncle who has random junk all around… if your uncle also has good beer, cornhole, random music, and sometimes even attractive young women who seem confused as to exactly where they are. If your uncle can top that, then I want to party with your uncle.


    • Law blog

      on the mark, though to be honest I got the impression they pride themselves on the beer being terrible

    • baz

      Keep drinkin that Bud Light Lime, Mr Troll
      nobody else agrees with you

      • Anon x2

        I love it when the Bardo guys come on here to protect their honor with links to an overall 3.5 out of 5 rating for their beers. Some are okay, some are horrible. Overpriced at $6 if you ask me but hey, if they can make it work more power to them. I’ve spent many a pleasant hour there myself but I don’t go as often now that they raised the prices.

        • ABC member

          So this is what they were doing when they could have been preparing for our meeting.

      • Nobody else? Do you understand how ratings sites work? Read through your scores, there are plenty of low ratings. Or, you know, read any of the comments anytime your place is mentioned here. I’m sure there are some who enjoy the space, but to act as if there are no detractors is just being oblivious.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It’s probably close enough that they’ll get the Gallaudet crowd.

  • Dadric

    Amused by some of the previous comments. Anyone who actually spends any time in Northeast will understand that if this place fails, it won’t be down to location. Bardo and Jimmy Valentine’s do fine. Atlas Brew Works is regularly packed, and New Columbia and Magnus get a lot of people too.

    Lots of people in this city aren’t afraid to venture to places outside of Northwest and Arlington, and car sharing has made it a lot more affordable to get to places like this a bit off the metro. If they do things right, they’ll do fine at that address.

    • ere

      meh. i lived in trinidad for three years but i still think this location blows.

      • Dadric

        The location isn’t perfect, but neither was Atlas’s when it opened. Actually, Atlas was arguably even more risky (though admittedly, its primary business wasn’t so reliant on foot traffic). It’ll do fine, if it’s executed reasonably well, people will Uber/cab in and out the same way they do to the other places I mentioned. It’ll never be as packed as Dacha, but I’d suggest that’s a positive.

  • ET

    Strauss did a nice job fixing the camera I inherited from my father. Don’t know how good this place is going to be for what they want to do. Sort of an odd location for the crowd that they are interested in attracting.

  • Trinidaddy

    That particular block of Mt Olivet is pretty crazy, especially after dark. Here’s hoping for the best!

  • Dogg

    “wet” hopped beer will have a whole new meaning now

    • Snap


  • anon

    Does Douglas development own the property? This is directly in the corridor between their Hecht Building and H St. Certainly a risk but I can’t think of anywhere else in the city as well poised for rising property value.

    • baz

      Englert and Hample own it.

  • Dan

    I work right there. This block is certainly a “sh!t show.”

    Rather than “next door to Mt. Olivet,” maybe frame the location instead as “squeezed between one of the worst gas stations in town and the DC government garbage truck graveyard”

    Seriously, that gas station and strip mall are the WORST. Prostitution hot spot. I’ve seen some craziness inside that gas station. I have never ventured into the liquor store, carry out, and grocery across the street.

    • Trinidaddy

      The chinese food from Panda is actually pretty good, even if I don’t know what the meat actually is.

    • baz

      100% right.


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