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  • Anon

    Sterile Safeway?

    • anon


  • Anonymous

    All the wonderful local bakeries in DC…come one, you get what you pay for!

    • madmonk28

      Where is the nearest such local bakery to the Petworth Safeway?

  • petworther

    Careful. If you take that back they may claim you took the glove without paying and try to charge you for it.

  • Nonna

    Yuck! I hope you take it back and tell them about it!

  • spookiness

    I always assumed all those loose rolls and breads were par-baked. I’d be rather surprised if they were made from dough at the store. I wonder if this happened at that store, or at another facility?

    • petworther

      Oh wait, you’re right! Now that I realize the rubber glove baked into this bread came from a central baking facility rather than an on-site kitchen I’m totally no longer grossed out.

      • ZetteZelle

        I desperately want a neighborhood grocery store that isn’t incompetently managed. If this mistake was made off-site, it doesn’t make me feel any better about Safeway bread, but it does allow me to keep hoping that this store is not in fact run by incompetents.

        • textdoc


    • petworther

      Also, that’s apparently what Fig and Olive does. Just sayin.

      • anon

        So does Paul’s bakery.

  • Ron

    If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

  • textdoc


  • Aglets

    well…you got the rubber part right

  • this is amazing

  • Ward One Resident

    Years ago a friend was eating a sandwich at the Ha’ Penny Lion and found a USED band aid in it…USED!

    • tui

      +1 for the Ha’ Penny Lion reference. I’m pretty sure I spent many a Friday night happy hour-evening there back in in the day….

    • anon

      That happened to someone I know at Food for Thought! It was a tuna sandwich and I could never order tuna there again.

  • BBBB

    Bread for the new location of Baked & Gloved?

  • Wheatney Houston

    “Saving all my glove for youuuuu”

  • jaybird

    There is a reason blue is used as the color of choice for bandaids in a professional kitchen.


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