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The V at Georgia Ave Coming to Otis

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 3:45 pm 11 Comments

3557-3559 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending from Georgia and Otis Place, NW:

“It’s the empty lot across from Fish in the hood? By my count, this is the forth planned set of condos in a five block stretch on Georgia.”

A streetsense flyer says:

site details

Outdoor seating with room for 32

1,732sf available on ground floor

1,708sf available on lower level

Zoning: C-3-A

20 Residential units in building

Delivery: Q4 2016″

Updates as construction progresses:

Rendering via StreetSense

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    Yes, more great news for Park View! That plot really needs to be developed. And exciting that there is going to be some sort of retail on the ground floor.

  • Formerly of Capitol Hill

    Those people standing near the patio umbrellas look like they are wearing giant hats.

    • jim_ed

      culturally insensitive hats.

  • Keefer

    Walked by the street sense sign the other day and was mildly optimistic that they construction could start soon, glad to see they have a completion date for the building as Q4 2016, but I am a little skeptical on there timeline, it means they would have to be putting the foundation in this winter, concrete and cold do not work.

  • anon

    Glad they are developing the lot but Georgia Ave seems to attract the ugliest new developments. I don’t understand why these people spend millions on a building and don’t put more time into the exterior appearance.

    • rob

      well, that’s the actual expensive part!

  • ctk

    I thought the old Lion’s Den/nail salon building a block north was supposed to be torn down this year with construction beginning early 2016. Looks like that’s been moved back.

  • Jim Slicio

    Any chance new communities initiative can leverage a few units to replace some from Park Morton?

  • alpinepaq

    Floor to ceiling windows are such a fad and such a terrible design for street-facing apartments. If you had the window go just 2/3 of the way down you would have almost all the light and so much less of the privacy intrusion (for upper floors). I always get a laugh looking at these new buildings with giant windows…that people find all sorts of crazy ways to cover up.

  • Guillermo Brown

    I know not all development is good, but I hope everyone reading this remembers, when the Courtland Milloy articles start streaming in years from now, reminiscing about the “good old days” of Georgia Ave., that this stretch is riddled with violent crime and that development here is necessary! What’s the alternative?

  • Nathan Andrews

    Like information


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