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  • Hooray

    So long, Home Despot.

  • Trinidaddy

    Went there today. It is absolutely glorious. Clean, bright,well stocked, employees are friendly. It’s like being in a fantasy land.

    • Nice to hear, hopefully it actually stays that way and doesn’t atrophy.

      • Anonymous

        Serious question, has any new big box or grocery store in DC not atrophied after a couple of years? I think Costco is still actually doing well but every grocery store, target, and the like seems to just turn into terrible examples of their particular chain.

        • I think the P Street Whole Foods still has it together pretty well.

        • Alan

          I think the Trader Joes near Georgetown is still pretty great with the customer service. Even when the line is long ( as in always) they get people through the line pretty fast

          The Giant on H is decent too, as is the 1st and M Harris Teeter

          • SassyinDC

            Love the HT at 1st and M St., SE and go there knowing that I will pay more than at either Safeway or Giant. Pleasant, professional checkers are worth it.

        • d

          I’d add the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan. Pricey compared to Giant and Safeway, but always a pleasant shopping experience.

          • Anonymous

            P st whole foods and the trader joes are good examples! I think the new stores are too new to go through the standard atrophy. In my experience, it takes about five years (see the City Vista Safeway for a good example of this).

            And I’d disagree on the 1st/M HT. In addition to the health department issues, I find the store to much worse produce now and I’m still shocked at how many nearby workers eat lunch from their terrible hot food options that seem to have gotten worse.

  • Tim

    It soft opened on Nov 19th. Grand opening will be Dec. 3rd.

  • jaywalkingfool

    Went there yesterday, it was a beautiful ghost town. I think they may have to do with the fact that all the signs around the entrance say ‘Coming Soon’. I didn’t think it was open until we pulled into the parking lot and saw cars there.

  • Anom

    With this store and the Annie’s Ace Hardware open in Brookland, no more trips to the RI Ave Home Dept for this homeowner.

  • Alan

    Great service at the new Lowes. Decent selection. Everyone I asked about things actually knew where they were and seemed happy to help! If this keeps up Home Depot in NE is doomed. Ha ha

  • Carlton

    I went to Costco yesterday and I seen cars in the Lowes parking lot but I wonder was it open or over flow from Costco. This was the First time I seen anything about it being open that’s an unusually opening for a big box store. Can’t wait to check it out!!

  • dat

    We stopped by on Sunday evening. SO happy they finally opened!

    BUT, Lowe’s — if you are reading this — PLEASE get rid of the receipt-checker at the door. You remind me of the Rhode Island Ave Home Depot (and that is NOT a good thing). We don’t appreciate being further delayed and/or treated like potential shoplifters every time we go to your store. None of the other Lowes I’ve ever been to do this.

    • Well

      They do it at Costco too but no one complains about that. If this extra step prevents theft and higher prices, then it’s fine with me.

      • dat

        They can do it at Costco because it is a member’s-only store and it is part of the membership agreement. That’s part of what you consent to by joining.

        Not so at Lowes (or Home Depot, or anywhere else). In fact, you can walk right by them and they can do nothing (they cannot legally make you stop) — but it’s an awkward situation all around.

        • Well

          Good point about the membership agreement, but its not something I would get worked up over. Takes 5 seconds and I’m on my way.

  • ustreetmayor

    It’s awesome to have a Lowes in DC. The Home Depot is horrible. Its great to have another option.

  • Raven

    Bravo! I won’t go to the Rhode Island Ave HD anymore if I can help it, and though I love Annie’s Ace, it does not always have what I need. So great to have an alternative in DC!

    • HaileUnlikely

      I wish there were better ways to get over there without a car. The Lowes in Riverdale is actually easier for me to get to than this (F4 bus goes right there).


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