• just saying

    Kind of in poor taste…

  • jaybird

    True dat

  • pwc

    this is peak white hipster gentrification right here, but people should remember that they did a Biden quote series prior to this. if I were them, I’d quietly move to another quote source. I don’t think there is malicious intent, but it is totally tone-deaf.

    • Tone-deaf, how?

    • dcloafer

      Are you actually personally offended by this, or does your objection stem wholly from the fact that other people might perceive this as offensive?

    • CHGal

      They still do Biden quotes inside on the menu board.

  • B

    Just bad taste, not a good way to interact with local neighborhood.

    • Garper

      Probably not. I lived on that block for four years. My former neighbors would actually probably appreciate a quote from MB.

  • U neighbor

    Give me a break. Any political leader = fair game. Blind dog has great sandwiches and cider. I hope they keep their character when the block wholefoodifies.

    BTW, not to hijack, but I heard they were meeting a few weeks ago to (yet again…) discuss the fate of WF, but I missed the follow up. Anyone know the outcome of that meeting?

    • PoPOverWork

      +1. Especially because it becomes Darrells at night- not exactly the “gentrification” clientele we want to assign to blind dog.

  • Katie

    As someone who can see how one may be offended fairly easily (even when I don’t agree) I fail to see what’s offensive about a quote from a local politician.

    • I don’t either. Seems like the typical crowd who like to get offended on behalf of others.

  • Irving Streete

    Does this mean you can roll into the Blind Dog call the bartender over and say “bitch, set me up…With a pint of IPA and a Courvoisier back.”

    • dcloafer


  • Spencer’s Dad

    I like it… it’s funny. For better or worse, Barry is and forever will be a part of DC’s history. It’s not worth being offended by…


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