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  • jdre

    …lawnmowers, not so much.

    • textdoc


  • Truxton Thomas

    I agree. It’s more of a social event than a pastry transaction. I’ve never seen a line like this for the kolaches at Kafe Bohem a few blocks away.

  • Anonymous

    Was this sponsored by BYT or something? I do not understand the hype.
    Those pastries are kind of gross, TBH.

  • ***

    oh brother. People will line-up for anything these days.

  • TX2DC

    I guess kolaches are the new cupcakes or donuts. I try really hard not to judge people that wait in stupid long lines for stuff like this, but i can’t help it! That’s a wasted hour of your life you’ll never get back, and for what – a pastry? No thanks. Don’t get it.

  • andy

    People need to learn to fold stuff into the middle of a bun. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/klobasnek-em-sausage-kolaches-em-51230810

  • Love living on U

    How many Soul Cycle classes would I have to attend to burn off one kolache? #crazypeople


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