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  • Kelly

    I love Secolari and am looking forward to this. Their Pacific spice vinegar is lovely!

  • tapenerde

    oh man tapenade

  • L

    How in the world is this going to survive? How about getting the other empty stores/restaurant spaces filled?

    • Anon

      I will check it out. While traffic in CP can be a real sh!tshow sometimes, there’s a parking lot there. Plus I already shop at Petco. And who doesn’t love a good olive oil?

      • Beau

        The Park-n-Shop is also super accessible by Metro. According to that Cheh-sponsored study, stats show that something like more people come out of the Metro and visit local stores than use the parking spots in the service lane during an entire day.

        • ***

          Which is exactly why that surface lane should have been turned back into a wider sidewalk. I couldn’t believe how hard those businesses fought to save 10-15 parking spaces, most of which are valet anyway. That stretch of Cleveland Park is the worst – the sidewalk is barely wide enough for 2 people to pass without stepping into the road. You can see everywhere else in CP how nice it is to have a wide sidewalk with streetscaping and outdoor seating.

          • Anon


  • Charlie

    How would this store compare to the olive oil store on Woodmont in Bethesda?

  • Beau

    It’s not 3509 Connecticut Ave unless Parcel Plus is gone.

    • Jd

      Parcel is still there. Maybe it’s 3509b?

    • Anon

      This is where the tanning salon used to be.

  • Jd

    This will be nice. these guys should sell baguettes from Breadfurst up the road!

    • Agreed!

      +100 I was Eh about this idea until you sad that. That would make a good combo!

  • Oooh, I look forward to checking this out. I typically trek down to Olio in Old Town to get my specialty olive oils, but would love a place closer to home.


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