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More on those new Shipping Containers near Brookland in Stronghold – It’s Boombox DC ” an inspired artist/studio space”

by Prince Of Petworth August 26, 2015 at 3:45 pm 7 Comments


Yesterday we learned about the new shipping container garage in Brookland. Turns out it’s a lot more than a garage and it’s in Stronghold – Boombox DC:

“Boombox DC is a private effort among friends and neighbors to create and then use an inspired artist/studio space, and we would like to share the concept with others.

It is not a profit-making venture and thus we will not offer services or rent out space, but would love for you to come by and see it once it’s up.

Boombox DC will be built out of two used 45-foot High Cube Shipping Containers that will be merged together lengthwise, then divided up between a 20 foot garage and a 25 foot artist studio.

The structure and use fully complies will all DC Zoning regulations for a “Garage/Artist Studio” and we have valid and comprehensive DCRA building permits fully approved. Everything about this is legit. There will be no business activity on the site.

We hope to be done by the end of the summer and once the fence is back up and the landscaping is done we hope many will be more pleased with the design.”

  • “Inspired” … by what? Or just generally inspired? Inspirational?

  • Common Sense

    So it’s a way for them to not rent/buy a studio and take the cheap way out.

    • SC

      Really? If they are a for profit I maybe can understand your comment. Maybe. But the fact that they have just found a creative way to be sustainable and lower their overhead cost, you are hating on that? I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to the fact that you’re having a bad Wednesday. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  • ted o’connor

    From where I am sitting which is my back porch looking at it, it looks to be nothing more than a rather large construction dumpster in a residential neighborhood. You can say words like “inspired” but I have to look at it every day and the industrial motif doesn’t fit the neighborhood. We aren’t Noma or Brookland where other containers are being used in non traditional uses – we are strictly zoned residential. We are a small neighborhood of row houses. Championing this is like like supporting all the pop up and pop outs that are destroying the historic facade of DC neighborhoods.
    The owner talked to a few people in the neighborhood and said he was building a garage and a studio. He never mentioned he was dropping a double wide shipping container into our back yards nor did he ever mention it me and I have lived here 16 months. Had he, there probably would have been a movement to restrict the shipping container for any use in our zone. I find this sneaky and disingenuous at best and not neighborly at all.
    If you want to see something tasteful, thoughtful and inspiring in Stronghold please check out the tiny house project along the alley.

    • anonymouse

      “He never mentioned he was dropping a double wide shipping container into our back yards”

      Oh my, if it’s in your back yard on your private property then I can see why you’re so upset.

    • RL

      Funny you should mention that – sounds like perhaps these containers were supposed to go there in the first place:

      “Boombox Container Studio, the fourth home in Micro Showcase, is planned to be built out of two shipping containers. The entire structure will be 16-feet by 25-feet with a music studio taking up half of the structure. Construction will begin March of 2015.”

  • JL

    Awesome use of a container box for a studio space. Really like the idea of communal garages for projects. I would totally support the use of container box housing in my neighborhood as well.


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