Mixtec Mexican Food’s Replacement Revealed – It’s Not Chipotle

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2015 at 10:22 pm 22 Comments


Back in September 2014 the Adams Morgan BID had heard that a Chipotle would be taking over the space. Now you can see a Hair Salon is coming soon. This follows the news of Crumbs & Coffee being replaced by a Boost Mobile across the street.

Mixtec closed after 40 years back in March 2014.


  • I still miss Mixtec.

    • Pekoe


    • Their fish tacos always hit the spot after a night out in Adams Morgan. I’m always amazed by how many hair salons this town can support.

      • matt

        +1 on hair salons. I don’t get it either, but maybe that’s because I’m bald and what little hair I do have a cut myself.

    • Anon

      +1. And to have it replaced with a hair salon is just… Ugh. Boost Mobile and Hair Salon! Really improving the area here! *sarcasm*

      • anon

        What’s wrong with a hair salon? Most of them are locally-owned businesses employing locals serving people who live in the neighborhood. How is that bad?

    • DC CapHill

      Mixtec was the TRUTH. I went pretty much exclusively for the breakfast of fried eggs and chilaquiles, and started with that oh soooo delicious consumme soup.

      And I should have had the chorizo and queso so many more times, just amazingly great.

      A hair salon really is the extra kick in the nethers that drives home how much this hurts.

      • If you’re a chilaquiles fan, try Don Jaime’s in Mt. Pleasant. Super-nice people, and it’s good.

  • BethPopville

    UG. I just need to bite the bullet, get some financing, and open a Sweet Green in Adams Morgan on my own.

    • A sweetgreen would do so well there – let me know if you need an investor!!

      • Accountering

        The first POPVille funded restaurant? It is a big lift from HHs to restaurant investing, but I am in too! :)

    • Caroline

      Can you bring one to Crystal City too? We have dozens of restaurants to go and get fat at, but no place to get a nice salad.

      • Your lucky day

        One has already been announced for Crystal City – you can google it – so congrats!

    • kken

      It almost seems like Adams Morgan is absolutely dead and poisoned to the big chains… they’re all more than willing to go into Columbia Heights.

      • Rich

        You say that like it’s a bad thing. The whole point of the city is not be in Rockville (where I happen to be sitting right now).

    • MVexpolorer

      If you want to open a Chop’t I will 100% back you, but I will settle for sweet green as well. I was thinking just the other day how I really wanted a salad, but there is no where in admo/woodley or even colombia heights to get one as takeout.

      • AdmsMgn

        I live near the old Mixtec and would love a salad place nearby or even a nice deli shop with lots of options! When I’m home and don’t feel like prepping a meal at home, it would be nice to have places where I can grab a healthy meal quickly. The current options seem to be either higher end places like Mintwood or the grab and go like jumbo slices or empanadas. At least So’s Your Mama makes good sandwiches!

        • anon

          You should check out Astor Mediterranean a little further down Columbia. Also Old City Cafe across the street and Pho 14 is are healthy mid-price options.

          • Red Panda

            +1 on Pho 14, but Old City Cafe has been closed for a couple of years.

        • Anonymouse

          I guess the Safeway no longer counts as a place that sells healthy food or deli meats?

    • seRoMdA

      I would love if one went into the new Adamo space

    • dinosaurpuke



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