• Josh

    Here’s a photo of the Atlantic Coast Line Building (designed by James G. Hill; built 1893) when it was being incorporated into the surrounding structure:

    Here’s additional info about the building:

  • MVT

    A buddy of mine looks at himself in the reflective windows at Capital Grill on his runs (he goes out of his way to do this)….

  • CHGal

    This is the exterior they showed for Ben’s office when he & April worked in DC for a few episodes of Parks & Rec. Just watched these re-runs the other night.

    • Schmaltz

      I seriously came here just to point this out as well. I work nearby and got so excited when I thought April and I might be able to be friends and hang out together.

      • CHGal

        I love Leslie, but I’d steal Ben in a heartbeat!

  • nate

    Love this building. And love dinners at the Capital Grille.

  • Mojotron

    I can’t find it mentioned anywhere- assume that’s Seneca Red Sandstone?

  • Anon

    It’s beautiful . I can’t say as much for the rest of 601 Pa Ave!

  • hupster

    There are several good architectural spots in this part of Penn Quarter. The pinkish stone building at 7th and Pennsylvania (National Council of Negro Women headquarters) is a gem too.


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