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Crime Museum Closing September 30th

by Prince Of Petworth August 31, 2015 at 4:05 pm 37 Comments

crime museum closing
575 7th Street, NW

From the Crime Museum’s website:

“Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances…

Crime Museum will be closing its doors to the public on
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Tickets still available — visit while you can!

We would like to thank you for your support over the years. We will continue to post updates on this website.

After we close, several programs will still be offered to the public.

Programs that will continue AFTER September 30th:

– Assassinations in the Capital Walking Tour
– Traveling Forensic Educational Programs
– Team Building
For more information see the links below or contact [email protected]

The Crime Museum opened on May 23, 2008. The museum’s conception began when Mr. John Morgan, successful entrepreneur and respected attorney, was amongst the tourist crowds on a trip to Alcatraz Island, the former federal prison in San Francisco, CA that’s now a national park. After his tour of the prison, he decided that a museum that discussed the history of crime, punishment, and crime scene investigation was needed. His goal was to make it interactive and to also honor law enforcement. He partnered with his friend John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted to bring his vision to reality.

Crime Museum Mission
The mission is to provide guests of all ages with memorable insight into our nation’s history of crime and its consequences, law enforcement, forensic science, and crime scene investigation through a captivating, interactive, entertaining, and educational experience.”

Good to see they’re keeping a sense of humor about it:

  • Anon

    Happy to hear it!

    • Jojo

      It never ceases to amaze me how much people on the internet enjoy reveling in others’ misfortune.

      • Anon

        They were perpetuating negative stereotypes about black people. That kind of nonsense has no place in our nation’s capitol.

  • Thought

    Brianne Nadeau’s dream of self-policing lead to the end of crime as we know it. No crime, no museum.

    • west_egg

      While your mental gymnastics to relate everything back to Nadeau are impressive, I’m struggling to decide where they fall on the line between “amusing” and “disturbingly obsessed.”

  • I’m Not a Cop

    I guess this is one way to reduce the amount of crime in the city…

  • tom

    This was a quintessential tourist trap, so not too sad to see it go. But, I do hope this space doesn’t sit vacant for years while the owner attempts to land a big restaurant.

  • Seems like a big space opening up. UNIQLO? Just thought I’d get that conversation started on POPville again…

  • yael

    Perfect retribution for the way they did marketing: they hired area teens (all of whom appeared to be African American and Latino) and hand out postcards while wearing orange prison jumpsuits. Nobody I wrote or spoke to personally at the museum seemed to understand the message they were sending with that image. Not one. They insisted it was wonderful that they were supporting local youth with jobs. A criminal management decision; I’m delighted it’s shutting down.

    • anon

      That is disgusting. I never was interested in going there, but went once when a friend with a child was in town visiting me, and the child found it interesting – it seemed pitched at that level. The child was, I think, between 8 and 10 at the time – I can’t remember exactly which visit it was that we went there.

    • jim_ed

      THIS. Thank G

      • jim_ed

        Blah, posting error. Anyhow, thank goodness those area teenagers will no longer have jobs because you found their work uniforms problematic.

        • Alan

          That’s not exactly the entry level to the corporate ladder, I’m sure they’ll find any number of open relatively unskilled positions which pay as much or better.

          • jim_ed

            I’m sure they will, it’s not like the black unemployment rate in DC is 5.5 times higher than the white unemployment rate in DC or comparable to countries suffering the worst in the Eurozone fiasco. In fact, DC is so flush with unskilled positions, Walmart definitely isn’t getting multiple thousands of applications for only several hundred positions at each store. Why you can’t throw a rock in this town without hitting a sign looking for help wanted!

        • jdre

          Exactly. I mean, they should have been sewing Nike’s at a younger age and moving up that ladder, right?

    • Caroline

      YES. Until that happened I thought of the museum as a tacky, albeit harmless, tourist trap. But that marketing ploy (which I personally witnessed walking around the Mall) made me realize how dangerous that place could be. I’ve never been inside but I can only image that kinds of messages they’re projecting. I’ll be glad to see it gone!

  • ECfromDC

    I am so glad I already made plans with a co-worker/friend this weekend just passed to go there THIS weekend. This will be my first time and I plan to get a full experience.

  • JohnH

    Can we get another tapas restaurant!?

  • Alan

    Charging a fee for a museum in this town is like running a bar next door to a distillery offering free samples. Smithsonian sucks all the air out of the room, unless you have the most creative programming ever (a la National Geographic), which this museum didn’t.

    • Newseum seems to get by just fine.

    • anonymous

      You should have put the period after “sucks.” As in all of the Smithsonians. They are all pretty terrible. The only museums/galleries worth going to in this town charge for entry (not saying crime museum is one of the ones worth going to though).

      • textdoc

        All of the Smithsonian museums are terrible?? I can understand someone finding the crowds of tourists (at the more popular ones) terrible, but the museums themselves?

      • Accountering

        Well, it was only 8:40am, but you definitely win the award for dumbest comment of the day. Smithsonian sucks. I award you zero points, and the dummy of the day award!

        • anonymous

          If you think looking at plastic dinosaurs or other replica items is interesting, I feel bad for you. Sure, the Smithsonians are good for 8 year-old children, but they are otherwise terrible.

          • textdoc

            The Smithsonian museums are a lot more than the National Museum of Natural History. The American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery are Smithsonian museums. The Freer Gallery is a Smithsonian museum.

          • anon

            Have you been to the Hirshorn, Freer/Sackler, African Art, NPG/SAAM, Renwick Gallery? I’m guessing that’s a no.

          • Accountering

            I too would certainly hide behind an anon handle if I said something as ignorant as “the Smithsonian museums suck”

          • anonymous

            Right, because “Accountering” is any less anonymous than calling oneself anonymous…

            Anyway, I won’t claim to have been to every single Smithsonian, but I have been to enough of them to know I wouldn’t waste my time trying others. American History, Air and Space, American Indian Museum, Portrait Gallery (I really don’t understand why people like this museum it is 1000 paintings of white dudes in wigs), Sculpture Garden, etc. are all terrible. The buildings are the only things worth seeing.

          • Anon

            The buildings are the only things worth seeing? Ok, definitely a troll. :)

          • RL

            Natural History gets stuck with plastic replica dinosaurs because all of the Smithsonian’s real live ones are at the National Zoo…

      • anonymous

        Thanks, troll.

      • Blithe

        I’m sure that you realize that the Smithsonian Museums have extensive workshops, lectures, concerts, and presentations in addition to the museum and zoo exhibits. If you think that all of them “suck” that says a LOT more about you than it does about “all of the Smithsonians”.

      • whistling

        The Smithsonians are mixed. Was just at the Museum of American History and many of the exhibits seemed very stale, and nothing had been done to include new ways to interact with visitors. Mostly a lot of dense text to read. Many of them are good for tourists who will only visit once. But if they hardly ever change their exhibits what is the draw for locals to visit regularly?

  • jdre

    Thank god. What even WAS this?

  • Breedentials

    TV was flush with shows like Cops, Judge Judy, CSI, etc. It’s no wonder someone tried to pull of a museum on this theme.


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