Washington, DC

cotton reed

More interesting news from @TonyTGoodman who tweets:

Cotton & Reed Distillery applied for a building permit at 1330 5th Street NE. Building owned by @UnionMarketDC developer @WEareEDENS.”

An investor website says:

“Cotton & Reed delivers experimental and natural spirits to the booming craft distilling market in Washington, DC and beyond. As consumers become increasingly focused on product origins, with movements like farm-to-table, Cotton & Reed is bringing this approach to the spirits world by distilling local, sometimes hand-foraged plants with unique stories.

Mirroring craft beer’s recent growth, the spirits market is booming, especially in the super premium category. Cotton & Reed’s spirit portfolio capitalizes on categories with demonstrated growth and identified market gaps: Botanical Spiced Rum, Applewood-Finished Straight Bourbon, and a rotating seasonal spirit featuring foraged wild botanicals (e.g, Foragers Series Summer Absinthe, Foragers Series Mint Rum).

Our dynamic young team is advised by industry veterans including senior Jim Beam alums and the team that created the Ogilvy Award-winning Makers Mark ‘It Is What It Isn’t’ ad strategy.

Innovation and distilling are rarely used together. But within this centuries old industry, small changes can result in drastically different taste profiles.

Our engineer, a Yale educated PhD in chemical engineering, will instill this sense of innovation to the distillation process through techniques such vacuum distillation, molecular seives, advanced water purification solutions, and overall process management. These innovations reduce our distillation costs and environmental footprint.

Our distiller’s thesis was on yeast isolation for fermentation applications. Experiments with persimmon, ginger, and pineapple yeast strains have resulted in fresh new taste profiles.”


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