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Chipotle coming to Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2015 at 10:15 am 27 Comments


Thanks to a reader for passing on from the Washington Business Journal permit roundup:

“625 Monroe St. NE: Layout for a first-time restaurant tenant, Chipotle in 2,518 square feet on the first floor of the Monroe Street Market.”

And before this one, the new Chipotle by Banneker and Howard University opens next Thursday Aug. 13th.

  • northeazy

    IDK, this whole Monroe Street Market thing in Brookland is kind of a snore. Chipotle? Barnes and Nobles? Brookland Pint and &Pizza are nice but that whole are is so sterile and corporate looking. Even the artist studios, which rarely seem open when I go on Saturdays are ho-hum. Seems like a lost opportunity. Further down on 8th st, the main historic strip, seems like it has more potential. Recently went to Smith’s Public Trust. But still, Brookland is kind of boring.

    • Taylor st

      Agreed. I graduated from CUA 10 years ago, and recently visited some friends who moved into condos and I thought I was in some odd bizarro GW campus. Lacks character, and removes any appeal that Brookland has to offer. Not a fan.

    • Stacys

      It’s right up against Catholic U, so of course some of the retail is going to cater to the students. In fact, Barnes & Noble that bores you is the Catholic U bookstore.

    • anon

      It’s 12th St. not 8th fyi

    • JB

      I hear you, but I think it actually is pretty well done for a new town center. I think it offers a good mix of options that serves the students, all of the families living in and moving to Brookland, and those that have been in Brookland for years. As my baby grows, I expect it will be ideal to have the mix of some comfortable, easy options (&Pizza, Chipotle, Potbelly’s), easy restaurants (Busboys), some more interesting stuff (Brookland Point, Halsa, the artist studios), and activities/stuff to do (bookstores at Barnes and Noble and Busboys, ArtJamz, Saturday farmers’ market, music at night etc.). I like that Monroe Street Market offers that comfortable town center while other interesting places are popping up on 12th and even down Rhode Island in Woodridge.

      Also, don’t forget — the neighborhood is going to keep growing. They’re building a ton of townhomes right there and on 12th, so the artist studios etc. likely will be getting more foot traffic (and thus be open more often) in the years to come.

      • Dognonymous

        I agree with this. 12th street is my first stop, but I really like having stuff like Halsa (and Chipotle, woo!) nearby, too. I think the Market, young as it is, has done a great job providing services for both Catholic students and Brookland residents. It’ll also probably feel way less sterile when Annie’s Ace Hardware opens, and when those townhomes fill in the empty lot on the other side of Monroe, because like you say, foot traffic is going to go way up. The parcels up for sale and/or development east of the metro station will also help build connectivity with 12th street and give that whole stretch a more complete vibe.

        • Eponymous

          THs aren’t going in that spot across from the Artswalk. They’re behind the big building. The lot on Monroe is supposed to be another mixed-use apartment building IIRC.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly? It’s better than nothing. Many neighborhoods in DC would KILL for this retail cluster when compared to what is currently offered around town (bad Chinese & fried chicken, check cashing places, crappy liquor stores, etc.)

  • John M

    It’ll be nice to have an alternative to the gawd-awful Chipotle in Rhode Island Row.

    • palisades

      I have found that my bad Chipotle experiences are directly correlated to the employees. For places like McDonalds, the employees are just there. But at Chipotle, they take your order and interact with you while you choose the ingredients. If they’re slow, or give you crappy portions, it completely ruins the experience.

    • anon

      The problem with that Chipotle, in my experience, is that they only have one register and a lot of people pay in cash. There is a huge backup of burritos and bowls at the register and an annoying experience in line as you’re calling out your order way back behind the crowd, because the pipeline runs super-fast before the registers.
      All they have to do is add a second card-only register and things would be fine. At least for people who aren’t unbanked.

    • kwame

      This Chipotle is the worst. Terrible uneven portions each time I go and I don’t think I’ve ever not seen brown guacamole there.

      • anon

        you’re going to the wrong chipotles.

    • Ted

      Nothing can be as bad as the RIR chipotle. I live in Brookland and actually drive out to the chipotle in Hyattsville to get my fix.

    • Eponymous

      Seriously. I don’t know what it is, but the food just tastes different at the RIA Chipotle. And not in a good way. It has largely turned me off Chipotle altogether. Hopefully the Brookland location is better.

    • MAR

      I realize I am going to sound like a crazy OCD person when I say this, but the way the roll the burritos at the RIR Chipotle is THE WORST. Its like they do it sideways in such a way that when you eat it you go in order of ingredients. I do not want to eat a burrito where there is a entire layer of just guacamole, then just sour cream, etc. I have never experienced this anywhere else but there.
      /end crazy person rant.

      • Anon Spock

        Get them to mix it up. I do it at every Chipotle. If they’re confused, grab them some plastic silverware to use.

    • also anon

      I got burrito shamed at that Chipotle. The one time I went there their burrito steamer machine was in the back (don’t know if that’s a regular thing) so when I ordered a burrito the woman working rolled her eyes at me and YELLED for the whole line to hear asking if anyone else needs a burrito because she didn’t want to go have to the back again. I will never go there again despite living a few blocks away. Having to pay for parking is also a strong deterrent.

  • Kundalini

    I prefer District Taco!

  • Mike M.

    I get it, Chipotle is corporate blah blah blah. But it often hits the spot, and I’m sure a ton of CUA students are thrilled about this.

    • Eponymous

      +1. This is (like it or not), D.C. – not Portland. Brookland/Edgewood has a pretty good mix of old and new retail spaces compared to other “up and coming” neighborhoods. See the new Right Proper that’s about to open, Dew Drop Inn, Smith PT, SCRAP, Bartered Threads, B Cafe, and so on.

  • Carlton

    I would love to have 1 in Petworth

  • thismoi

    I did not realize there was a Chipotle size void in my home life. I’m a little surprised how stoked I am to have this coming in right down the street.

  • Anon

    Monroe Street Market gets a Chipotle and Brookland Pint, but Park Place above the Petworth metro sits mostly vacant. Upshur Street is booming. About 10 new condos/apartments are in the works, but we can’t find quality tenants for Park Place? Whats the deal.

    • Eponymous

      I would guess that the rents are too high.

    • John M

      Rents are too high in Petworth, unmotivated landlord (probably waiting for big name retailers and eateries), and there are a TON of potential customers in Brookland, such as students, who currently have very little choice when it comes to existing retail.

      • Eponymous

        Isn’t the overall population density higher in Petworth, though? Seems like places there would get more foot traffic than Brookland gets, though Brookland may see more commuters due to RI Ave and WHC being right there.


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