The Pub & The People opens in Bloomingdale Friday at 5pm – Have a Look Inside

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2015 at 10:55 am 45 Comments

1648 North Capitol Street, NW at R Street

Mark it – another spectacular transformation complete. Meet The Pub and The People. We knew they they were close – Friday 5pm it is. Vacant for at least 10 years, the space is now a jaw dropper:


As with all these transformations the photos do far more than my words but first let me show a sampling of the menu and beer list:

Chicken Liver Mousse
Grilled Baguette, Pickles, Caramelized Shallot Jam

Fried Boquerones – Salsa Verde, Garlic Aioli

Pork Belly Bahn Mi
Pickled Daikon, Cilantro, Chicken Liver Mousse, Jalapeno on French Baguette

The People’s Burger
Pineland Farms Ground Beef, American Cheese, Mayo, Potato Chips on Kaiser Roll

Grilled Hangar Steak
Sautéed Shiitakes, Broccoli, Potato Confit, Green Peppercorn Vin Blanc [GF]

Asparagus Melt
Grilled Asparagus, Tomato Relish, Hardboiled Egg, Provolone on Focaccia [V]

Spring “Spaghetti”
Charred Ramps, Scallions, Romesco, Piquillo Peppers, Basil Pistou [V]


A sampling of the draft beer from “Mike Aloi formerly of Meridian Pint, and 3 Stars Brewery is a certified cicerone and will be keeping the beer rotating”:

DC Brau El Hefe Speaks Washington, DC!

Hardywood Park Pils Richmond, VA

Boldrock Virginia Apple Nellysford, VA

Atlas Brew Works Rowdy Washington,DC!

Dogfish Head Aprihop Milton, DE

Hellbender Brewing Kölsch Washington, DC!

Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager Roseland, VA

3 Stars Brewing Citra & Lemon Peel Saison Washington, DC! 5.2%

Monocacy Brewing Riot Rye Frederick, MD

DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter NITRO Washington, DC!

Tons more photos after the jump.

Reclaimed ceiling joists used used for bar and seats:




open kitchen (Chef Dan Dalcin formerly Black Salt):















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  • ryan2499

    Looking good! Hope to see a full menu online soon to see if we can take the kids.

  • I guess they’re going all DC “area” for the drafts? That’s unfortunate, but hopefully they at least price them as local beers should be priced. That’s a nice huge wall of liquor though.

    • AnonV2

      What is unfortunate about that? Sometimes it’s good to have a focus. At least they don’t have a throwaway draft tower for a macro product.

      • dcloafer

        You know, I actually appreciate it when bars have a great craft beer selection and also a draft of Bud Light. Because at a certain point on certain evenings, it’s not worth the extra $4 for a special beer. That said, this place looks really welcoming and I hope to stop in soon.

        • beamer4prez

          I’m sure they will have Bud Light bottles for you to enjoy. It’s colored water whether it comes out of a tap or a bottle or a can. Doesn’t make much of a difference.

        • Anon

          They have bottles of macro beer if that’s what you desire (see the bottles above the drafts in one of the photos above).

          • dcloafer

            “Desire” is probably too strong a word for how I feel about macros. More like, “am willing to settle for at midnight after 5 beers because (a) they give me less of a hangover than a good IPA (b) by then I’ve spent all my money on the preceding 5 beers and (c) seriously, after a while it’s just a waste to drink the good stuff.”

          • When I get to that point I just switch to water instead. It’s going to have about the same effect as Bud Light, taste better, cost less, and help me feel not so rough the next day.

      • Because I don’t particularly care for most of the local beers, especially when they’re priced exactly the same as the better options from other areas. DC needs to take a cue from other great brewing cities (like San Diego or Portland) and price their local stuff accordingly, otherwise I’ll just keep spending my money on a different product. For the most part they all seem to be doing fine financially, so maybe they don’t care.

        • Anon

          Have you actually seen their beer price list?

          • Did you actually read my initial post?

        • DF

          Very much agree in regards to pricing local beers a bit more friendly vs those from across the country.
          We were also out at Adroit Theory last weekend and damn are their tasting prices high, for at THE BREWERY ffs.

          • Good to know. I really enjoyed their product at the DC Brewer’s Ball and was planning to make a trip out to their tasting room.

    • dcloafer

      Yeah, I was gonna say. I’m all for fresh beer, but the local options just…aren’t that great. The 3 Stars option is probably the best beer here – and it’s a very good saison – but I just can’t deal with how much their stuff costs.

      As a beer lover, I was depressed after a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, where amazing stuff is on tap everywhere for $4.5 to $6. Come on, DC-area brewers!

      • AnonV2

        Right Proper. Prices have crept up since opening, but all of their house beers are $5-6

        • Anonymouse

          True, their prices are great. I’ve had a hard time with variety there though — the last couple of times I’ve been in, five or six of their drafts have been farmhouse ales/saisons.

          • AnonV2

            Well, considering their entire focus is on open fermentation it’s not surprising that they offer lots of saisons/sours/farmhouse beers. Sometimes it’s much better to have specificity and not try to be jack-of-all-trades.

        • I like Right Proper’s beers, but they don’t distribute elsewhere, and you shouldn’t have to go to the point of origin to get a realistic price.

          • AnonV2

            Distribution raises prices significantly, so , yes, you have to go to the point of origin to get a cheaper price. DCBrau is usually $8 or so around town; pints at grower hours are $5. That seems reasonable in our market which is among to priciest in the nation.

          • I didn’t say you shouldn’t have to go to point of origin for the lowest price, I said a realistic price. I do not think that $5 for a pint at the brewery (that are almost all based in a warehouse near nothing else in NE DC) is realistic either. $8 for a pint of local beer in that city is just laughable, compared to almost every other beer town in America.

          • AnonV2

            I don’t think this need to be pointed out, but DC is not “every other beer town in America”. Tell you what: open a brewery somewhere within the confines of the District and start selling pints onsite for $3-4, and price your kegs in some range where the distributors and bars can take their cut and still sell your product for $5-6 or whatever you deem reasonable. Let us know how the realities of that work out for you financially.

        • Anon

          While I love Right Proper, their beer prices have steadily increased since opening. I’m not sure what classifies as their “house beers”, but from what I recall most were in the $6-8 range for 10-12oz pours. I wouldn’t call that cheap by any means.

        • dcloafer

          Yeah, just commenting on the non-brewpub-only selections. I agree that Right Proper is an absolutely fantastic brewery with stunningly reasonable prices. It’s one of my favorite places in the city. When Raised by Wolves is around, you can get 20 oz for $6. One of the best deals around.

      • Anonymouse

        Too true. It’s ridiculous around here. Same goes for in-store… I’ve seen six packs of Atlas stuff for 11.99 in cans (admittedly, their beer is good, and some stores probably have it for less, but still..).

      • BloomingdaleRes

        Rowdy is currently the best beer produced in DC.

        Also, in regards to your other comment about no macros, did you not see the cans and bottles of Natty Boh’s, Coors Banquet, etc?

        • Anon

          If you limit this to widely available beers, I’d agree. But there’s no way Rowdy is better than OTWOA or Smells Like Freedom.

          • BloomingdaleRes

            Smells Like Freedom is exactly like Corruption. That beer is all hype.

          • Anonymouse

            @BloomingdaleRes below — prefer Smells Like Freedom by a lot over Corruption, but I’ll agree that they’re both good!

  • The OP Anon

    Looks great, good luck to them. I like the open, airy look – it seems inviting and light-filled.

  • Fritzadelphia

    All I can say is: wow! The place looks amazing!

  • abe

    Really excited for this to open. We’ll see how it is but from everything i’ve seen so far – if i were to create my perfect bar, this would be it. unpretentious, quality food, good selection of good beers and liquor, good prices, friendly neighborhood vibe.

    • I’m just curious how you know about the prices (which aren’t published here) and the quality of the food?

      • Huma

        They had an open house for the neighborhood last year with some food items. Not that those items would be on the menu, but the quality was A+.

        • kbloomingdale

          Yep – the chef had prepared them. I still have my 20% off coupon too :)

          • Huma

            ME TOO! Can’t wait to use mine, hehe.

          • abe

            exactly. they’ve really made an effort to be a part of the neighborhood. they talked about price points then, and if DC reynolds and meridien pint are any indication, i’ll be very pleased.

  • Truxton Thomas

    This looks great. I mean, they have a sandwich with pork belly and chicken liver mousse. And their burger has chips on it. Sold.

  • Todd

    Looks great…. they overcame some challenges to make this happen. But also the community helped them out…. including that crowdfundraiser for the stolen tools with almost 3K raised to help them buy new tools so they could open on time. But i never saw anybody get a thank you….perhaps they did that…but it would have been great to see some sort of recognition for those that gave $50 or $100…..write their names on the bricks or at least give them a preview opening….would have been nice.

    • David


  • kbloomingdale

    Any word on the downstairs bar?

    • Ah an insider are ya? Nicely done. Won’t be ready before 6 months to a year or so I’d guess. First expansion will be patio. Maybe they’ll focus more on it this winter. I promise to update when they get closer.

      • kbloomingdale

        Can throw a ball onto their patio almost ;)

        The basement bar would provide the perfect basement getaway! Thanks for the info.

  • lmfb

    OMG SO EXCITED!!! The reno looks awesome, and their menu makes me want to eat there now.

  • Gerry Widdicombe

    Any thoughts about a roof deck?

  • PetworthHills

    I’ve been looking forward to this opening for quite some time, and excited that it’s finally open! The building looks beautiful, and I can’t wait for the patio to be done. I “snuck” in for the staff training earlier this week and can vouch that the food was very good, staff was friendly, and cocktails were great. Overall, the menu offers a little something for everyone. The beer list will probably change – nobody keeps the same beers on tap forever, so the beer aficionados out there should just enjoy what they have before they start complaining! From what I hear, they want to have some “cheap beer” options, so fill out a comment card when you visit the place and maybe you’ll get your wish. See you all there tonight for the opening!

    Either way, I think the Pub is exactly what the neighborhood needed and wanted, and I’m excited for everyone who is involved or who lives nearby.


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