Washington, DC

14th and Colorado Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending a shot of Swampoodle‘s new coming soon signage. Their facebook page says:

“Stop by soon to our home on the corner of 14th and Colorado NW! ‪#‎WashingtonDC‬ ‪#‎DC‬ ‪#‎comingsoon‬ ‪#‎location‬ ‪#‎neighborhood‬”

and they also share a shot of the upstairs space:

“Our upstairs bar is coming along beautifully! What are you most excited to be served in this magnificent space? #comingsoon #newrestaurant #bar #foodie”


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  1. a little weird, since Swampoodle is the name of the neighborhood surrounding what’s now Union Station. It would be like if I opened a restaurant called Takoma in the Palisades, or Congress Heights in Logan Circle. Cool logo though, and there is definitely some pent-up demand in the area for this type of restaurant!

  2. Oh wow, that graphic…

  3. Unless Pittsburgh blacksmiths and Amish carpenters are making the burgers, what exactly does “American Artisan-made food & drink” mean?

  4. Potbellies beat ’em to it with their sandwich artists. Or is that Subway?

  5. I’m looking forward to a day when #hashtag use by #newrestaurants isn’t so #annoying. That, plus the use of “artisan” to describe “food and drink” are really off-putting.

  6. #Metoo. #Seriously.

  7. Farm to table. As opposed to created in a lab and then placed in your lap.

  8. I mean, I get this is the name of an area of DC and it probably has some historical meaning or something, but really… do I want to think about wet dogs when I am eating?

  9. The area was named Swampoodle back before they built Union Station because it was damp and swampy.

  10. The upstairs bar looks really nice and I think it will be a great addition to the neighborhood! I’m choosing not to comment on the name, logo, or hashtags… As an aside, though, why do people use hashtags in facebook posts? Do they get picked up by twitter? Am I just old?

  11. I think some people cross-post via platforms/apps that post on both Facebook and Twitter… but for the most part, I think it’s #justbecomeahabit. An #annoyinghabit.

  12. I have wondered the same thing. (I am old.) I find it particularly annoying in forums such as PoPville where there doesn’t seem to be any purpose to using hashtags, but maybe this old guy just doesn’t get it.

  13. Facebook has its own hashtagging system. If you search on facebook, for example #foodie, you’ll see the posts of all users who used it.
    It’s a stupid way to use facebook, because facebookers hashtag without regard to actual content.

  14. I live fairly close by so I know this area is desperate for new food and drink, and its great to see better retail in this little strip. But Christ, between the name, the hashtags, and the use of “hand crafted”, “artisan”, and “foodie”, they are making this place awfully tough to love at the outset.

  15. I agree, neighbor.
    I’d like something #nonpretentious that I can take my family to or meet up with a few guys for a beer and burger. If I want some handcrafted artisanal #fart-infused small plates, there are plenty of places downtown.

  16. The weird thing is, I swear when they initially started construction, the owner specifically mentioned this place being an unpretentious neighborhood joint where people could take their kids. Granted, that was like two years ago, so maybe I’m confusing this place with something else, but if not, I’d be curious why the obnoxious change of plans.

  17. It’s the same owner, new restaurant concept… I hear you. I live across the street, have kids, and want it to be a family-friendly place.

  18. #correction #fartinfused (no punctionan in hashtags #hashtagnazi)

  19. I know it has a historical significance, but I can’t stand the word swampoodle. It grates on my ear whenever I hear it. It’s just an unattractive sounding word.

    Between that and the overused word artisan … ouch.

  20. It doesn’t have historical significance in this part of town.

  21. I just moved to this area–KenyonDweller no longer dwells on Kenyon. I for one don’t give a crap how stupid their name is or how pretentious their promo copy is so long as the food is good and the service decent. It would be so nice to have a good restaurant within walking distance, which is what we liked most about Columbia Heights.

  22. Maybe you should change your moniker to FormerlyKenyonDweller? ;)

  23. Or FormerlyKenyonDwellerNow16thStHeightsDweller.

  24. anotherneighbor

    Agree completely!

  25. I can’t wait for this place to open. Is there an expected date? What is the hold up? Is there anything neighbors can do to speed things along?

  26. we wanted a bar/restaurant in this space, and that’s what we’re getting. if they will take my money in exchange for decent food/beer without rolling their eyes at my kid’s presence, i’m happy.

  27. anotherneighbor



  29. depressed by my fellow people

    This petty snarkiness in the comments is ugly, depressing and bringing out my misanthropic tendencies. Come on, people. Someone is investing an enormous amount of money and time transforming an eyesore that has been a blighted troublesome property into a nice looking restaurant. Residents have wanted a local bar and restaurant and now they’re about to get that. This is great news. Please drop the snark.

  30. “blighted troublesome property”? wasn’t this a brewery just before this?

  31. it was a broken down dry cleaners/alterations/shoe repair. definitely disheveled and in need of massive repairs. +1 depressedbymy…

  32. #1. Am I the only one who’s been reading the word as Swampdoodle for years and never realizing it until it was accompanied by a picture of a poodle?
    #2. Does it look like a poodle with a jellyfish on its head?

    That said, I’m fine with the name and I like the pink poodle. I’m happy to see something opening on this stretch.

  33. You are not alone, I aways read Swampdoodle. And I totally dig the pink poodle.

  34. #1 – no
    #2 – i think it looks like a shower cap
    and agreed.

  35. The name’s awful and not appropriate for the location. The exterior paint is just hideous. Regardless, it will be great to finally have a decent dining option in the neighborhood if they actually open. What’s the holdup?

    PS–has anyone heard about the possibility of a coffee shop opening up across the street in the former Gold Coast corner store location?

  36. Man, you are super salty. Maybe the owners are just REALLY into poodles. Who cares if it’s not in Foggy Bottom? Why are people so obsessed with that one stupid thing?

  37. I thought it was a doggie-shampoo place that also happened to serve sandwiches and such. Thought it was little weird, but there’s a cat cafe going in somewhere, after all.

  38. anotherneighbor

    This made me laugh out loud:)


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