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“Help me find the good samaritan who came to my rescue during an attempted mugging and assault in Bloomingdale”

“Dear PoPville,

I am a resident of Thomas Street NW. Last night around 10:45 I got out of a cab at 2nd and Thomas since my street is currently closed to through traffic. I pulled out my keys, as I have always been told one walking alone at night should, and saw 3 young men walking down the block toward me. They blocked my way and one grabbed my bag and told me to give it up. I held on to it (and yes, I know this is not what you should do, but in the moment my brain could not seem to accept that I would get mugged within sight of my home) and began screaming the name of my partner who I knew was at home. The guy holding onto my bag punched me in the head, knockin me to the ground, and again tried to take my bag which I continued to hold onto. The three young men then suddenly ran away. I ran toward my home and met my partner who had just emerged having heard my screams.

A man who had also heard me came toward us from 2nd Street and explained that the muggers had run away at seeing him. After checking that I was ok and that the police were on the way, he left us. In our shock did not think to ask him to stay, but the police would like to have a statement from this good samaritan. More importantly to me, because I have doubt that the perpetrators will be found, I would like to find him so I can thank him again and more profusely in person for his bravery and kindness in coming to my aid. I know that the assault could have continued and the situation gotten much worse had he not scared them away.

In addition to finding my good samaritan, I write because I hope to reemphasize to the PoPville readership that there has been a great uptick in crime in Bloomingdale. You have previously reported on a rise in burglary in the area. At least three of the MPD officers I spoke to last night told that criminals are especially targeting the immediate area around the sewage construction at Thomas and 1st. Please be careful walking alone after dark, particularly in this area, and even if it is not that late.”

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