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  • Not Surprised

    It is 14th Street after all…

  • Anonymouse

    Um why is the phone number blacked out? It’s not exactly private information considering it was posted on a light pole.

    • Maybe so random strangers don’t text her saying “hey you’re being mocked on a website”?

      • You’re close. More so random strangers don’t text her/call her saying… well a lot worse than what you wrote.

        • Yeah I figured that part was a given already heh

  • Anonynon

    LOL Courtney at el centro….got basic written all over it. Lesson learned, don’t go to el centro.

    • Jackie

      I don’t know which one between your play on “Anonymous”, using the word “basic” or Jerome’s art as your avatar makes you the coolest. It is probably a combo of all three.

      • Anonynon


  • E

    Greg Anthony should have used this as an excuse over the weekend.

    • los

      LOL…I was going to contribute a caption along the lines “Escorts getting creative since MPD started cracking down on Backpage and Craigslist”

  • aaa

    The short, fat guy who DID find her wallet just chucked it in the garbage.

  • anon

    and it’s situations like this that are the reason i stopped drinking. i love coming home at the end of the night with all of my belongings

  • The OP Anon

    So the thief will return it (devoid of cash, obviously) and potentially get some action out of it?
    That’s not a good incentive structure.

    • Stating the Obvious

      For the thief it is 😉

    • Well that’s assuming it was stolen and not forgotten.


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