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641 Indiana Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Walked by on my way back from lunch, Grand Trunk is having a soft-opening with free samples of their very varied menu… breakfast foods, curries, naan, burgers, salads, tea, smoothies… All in a night-club atmosphere with techno music, chandeliers, flatscreens, etc. I couldn’t get a decent photo through the window due to glare from the sunset or it could have been the glare from the disco ball, mirrored wall paper and central circular bar/tandoori oven (with stools). While I might seem harsh, this place is a sight to behold and thoroughly ridiculous. Words cannot describe it properly.

Would love to hear some other opinions.”


@grandtrunkusa tweeted:

“We invited the neighborhood in to try a few samples, we didn’t disappoint! #WashingtonDC #southasian #restaurants”

Photo by @grandtrunkusa


Comments (39)

  1. Something tells me this won’t be around for too long.

  2. If the food is good, it should do pretty well. There is a big lunch crowd in that area. Who cares what it looks like on the inside.

  3. People who don’t plan on getting takeout?

  4. Its a fast food joint. If people refused to go to a fast food places because of the decor, there would be very few in existence. Give me a break.

  5. Can you name some successful fast-food places that constantly blast EDM?

  6. Not necessarily EDM, but I’ve been driven out of both Taylor Gourmet and Amsterdam Falafelshop by volume. If you have to shout to order a sandwich in a nearly empty restaurant, it’s too loud. Now you kids get off my lawn!

  7. sounds like a ritalin fueled nightmare

  8. This looks AMAZING. Sometimes I need a quick take-out dinner on the way home from work.. this should really improve the very limited options in the area. I was relying on Teaism and now Native Foods as well. Can’t wait to try.

  9. So. Confused.

  10. This has been under construction for YEARS. Congrats on opening! While I have my doubts about the longevity of it, I wish the owners all the best. I hope I’m wrong and it’s a success in the neighborhood. We could use more options around here, and I’m glad there’s another now.

  11. “The World’s First South Asian American Fast Food Brand” ? Shophouse opened in 2011….

  12. Yeah but do they have DJ Gobblecoque playing chillaxed dubstep fax machine noises, all with CNN on in the background?

  13. I’m stealing “DJ Gobblecoque”. Thanks!

  14. DC’s hottest club is….

  15. Yes all of this, +10000000

  16. And what about Nando’s?

  17. Nando’s is African.

  18. Nando’s is a South African chain selling Portuguese chicken.
    And I’ll call Shophouse Southeast Asian.

  19. Nando’s? Nando’s is Portuguese/South African chicken. Most people would consider Shophouse Southeast Asian – I believe South Asian generally refers to Indian/Pakistani/etc. That being said, Merzi has been around for a while.

  20. Shophouse is southeast Asian. And nonnie, wrong continent. Nando’s is Mozambican (but started in South Africa).

  21. Shophouse is South-East Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Malaysian, etc.). This is South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, etc.) Big difference.

  22. Nothing says “nightclub” like cable news network talking heads and sports on the TVs.

  23. Hahaha! Yeah, it sounds like this place is trying to do too many things at once — it should just focus on the food.

  24. The DC version of a nightclub his this as a requirement.

  25. Even reading the description of this place gives me a seizure. But I’ll totally try it.

  26. My techno smoothies usually have a “special ingrEdient” added to them. ;)

  27. I went there twenty minutes after this was posted and the front doors were locked…during lunch time…complete with a sign announcing that they were open as of yesterday. WTF? Not going back.

  28. I think the “South Asian American” refers to their menu having BOTH curries, naan etc AND Burgers. Whereas Merzi only has South Asian cuisine.

  29. my first thought was that it would be selling high end suitcases

  30. This sounds like a seizure waiting to happen. The food alone sounds unappealing: breakfast foods, curries, naan, burgers, salads, tea, AND smoothies?!?! Seriously, this is like a restaurant a 6th grader would design.

  31. Pretty much on par with the ol’ Subs-Seafood-Wings-Pizza-Chinese Food corner places people are dying to preserve.

  32. This sounds like hell on earth.

  33. Lady Gray Skies

    They’ve had the coming soon sign up for over five years! Not really anticipating them staying open all that long.

  34. And this is why D.C. has a reputation for being bland and buttoned-up. If you don’t like it, don’t go. Sometimes cities need a little tackiness and kitsch.

  35. Did any of you even try it? The food is amazing. The music wasn’t thumping loud or anything and I enjoyed all the tv options. This is what I hate about dc, the jump to conclusions close minded attitude.

  36. Washington Insider

    This place screams awesomeness! – I was walking by tonight and it looks like something out of the future. Not sure about the food – would have to get invited to a tasting like y’all or wait for them to finally open but the design was money well spent!…those tall chairs in the window have my name written all over them, lol.


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