Washington, DC

2101 L Street, NW entrance on 21st

From a press release:

“DC’s new Thai restaurant Soi 38, which offers traditional Northern Thai street food inspired by its night markets, is bringing Thailand’s Mid-Autumn Moon Festival to DC with a brand new Thai-inspired cocktail menu. Soi 38’s new cocktail program includes seven drinks, each featuring a different central Thai ingredient.

The dynamic new cocktails are a collaborative project between Soi 38’s native Thai team and J.P. Caceres’s Menehune Group, under the direction of Chad Spangler. The menu includes variations on the classics, like the Matcha Green Tea Old-Fashioned, a well-balanced stirred drink made with Angostura and lemon bitters, house Matcha Green Tea Syrup and Four Roses Bourbon, as well as inventive new drinks like the Som Tum Sling, which captures the flavors of the traditional Thai green papaya salad in a glass through Thai Bird Chile and Black Pepper Syrup and Lemongrass-Black Pepper infused gin.

During the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Thailand, it’s traditional to bring fruit and incense to local temples. To channel that custom, the new cocktail offerings also include a Passionfruit-Tamarind Margarita and a Koh Pi Pi Daiquiri, made with lychee, Thai basil, lime and Bacardi rum. Other drinks include the Kaffir Lime Mojito, the Siam Mule, ginger beer, lime juice and galangal-infused Tito’s vodka, and the Lemongrass-Yuzu Fizz, a fizzy, refreshing highball made with lemongrass-coriander syrup, yuzu juice, soda and rum.

These new craft cocktails round out Soi 38’s increasingly lauded dining experience. The new cocktail menu ranges from $11-$13 and is now available at Soi 38. Cocktail menu after the jump.

Matcha Green Tea Old Fashioned
Angostura & Lemon Bitters, Macha Syrup, Bourbon (Four Roses)

Lemongrass – Yuzu Fizz
Lemongrass/corriander syrup, yuzu juice, soda, Rum (Bacardi)

Som Tum Sling
Thai Bird Chile/Black Pepper syrup, lime juice, crushed ice, Lemongrass/black pepper infused Gin (Bombay Sapphire East)

Koh Pi Pi Daquiri
Lychee, Thai Basil, Lime Juice, Rum (Bacardi)

Siam Mule
Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Galangal infused Vodka (Tito’s)

Kaffir Lime Mojito
Kaffir Lime, Mint, Thai Basil, Rum (Bacardi)

Passionfruit-Tamarind Margarita
Passionfruit/Tamarind, Lime Juice, Blanco Tequila, Salt (El Jimador)”


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