Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user J Sonder

Congrats to PoPville pick Rachel with:

“40 year old virgin”

Congrats to PoP pick Antknee21 with:

“Now, where is the nearest Capital UnicylceShare Station???”

Honorable mention to Formerly Broken Jaw with:

“The 6 o’ clock boy.”

And mad props to the guy photographed for being cool:

” Urbanized Ruralite

Hey there, PoPville. I’m the guy featured in the unicycle photo above, as i just came from a 40 mile ride on that big wheel as part of my fitness regimen, with actually losing 30 pounds since I’ve gotten serious about the sport!! And while it may seem superfluous for me to be wearing all of that body armor, it is really great to have on in the event of a high impact unplanned dismount (UPD) off of the 36″ wheel going at 20+ mph with ya’ll DC drivers out there. So I guess I could always ride two wheels but I prefer challenges in life actually. And a 40 year Old Virgin!?? I find that allusion quite amusing:-) Cheers, Neighbor!”

Winners and honorable mention please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail for your shirts or tote bags.


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