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T-Mobile coming to long vacant retail next to old Mixtec space in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth — August 20, 2014 at 10:05 pm 12 Comments

1794 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about the new tenant, T-Mobile, coming to the long vacant retail space in between the recently closed Mixtec and McDonald’s in Adams Morgan.

Columbia Road looking west towards 18th Street

  • anonymous

    Current Sprint customer (yes I know) and tried out T-mobile for the past month. Very fast speeds within the beltway, with solid LTE coverage. If you go outside of DC, even up I-270 to Germantown, and your data speeds reduce to very slow 2G EDGE. Probably not going to make the full switch because of the lack of voice and data service outside of major cities.

    Good for T-mobile, they are making the other carriers rethink their traditional approaches to cell phone plans in the US.

    • Anonymous

      Dumped ATT after they killed my grandfathered “unlimited” plan by adding a line. I had TMobile about 10 years ago and the coverage sucked BAD. Nonexistent outside the Beltway. I get solid five bars downtown and 3 everywhere else except out on Route 66. If you get a SIM card from Walmart or off their Website and plug it into your existing phone, you can get a 5 gigs/100 minutes for $30 prepaid. I was paying ATT $120 for 2.5 gigs and 600 minutes I never used.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if that means that the T-Mobile location across the street near the CVS will be closing.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts too — no need for 2 T-Mobile stores across the street from each other. So, with vacancies in the old Payless store and the Old City restaurant (and presumably the T-Mobile store too), any idea what’s happening on that stretch of Columbia Road?

      • textdoc

        I guess it’ll just take a while for those vacancies to be filled — maybe the landlords are asking high rents.
        I was disappointed to see that this space was going to become another cell phone store; I was hoping for a restaurant.

        • Anonymous

          Probably true. I wonder if the Ontario development and the hotel development across the street (if it ever happens) is already having an effect on long-term leasing rates along Columbia Road?

          Anyway, I seem to remember some noise about that vacant spot next to Mixtec turning into a liquor store. So maybe T-Mobile isn’t the worst that can happen.

          • textdoc

            A liquor store might not have been bad — there’s one on Columbia just on the other side of 18th that’s pretty classy.
            Unfortunately, too many businesses on Columbia east of 18th are decidedly un-classy, so maybe it would have been one of those.
            I’m really hoping that the Ontario17 project, the Adamo project (where the Exxon used to be), and the hotel development will improve the 1700 block of Columbia. I’m glad that the Safeway was renovated, and for the brand-new CVS and Pho 14 (and that shawarma/doner place further east), but I’m surprised that so much of the block has remained unchanged.

          • Anonymous

            I like that liquor store on Columbia, a couple of doors down from the Ontario 17. The beer selection isn’t great, and the prices aren’t exactly cheap, but they have a pretty decent bourbon selection. Seem like nice enough people too.

  • MtP

    I lived in Mount Pleasant and Adams Morgan for about 4 years and I always loved Columbia Road from 18th to 16th. I just don’t get why there are so many vacancies. I am glad that Doner Bistro and Pho 14 appear to be doing well, and hope that the new building at the old Ontario Theater will help spur some more development.

  • Anonymous

    I like T-Mobile and I’m a subscriber but BOOOOO. Cellphone stores are like banks/ATMs or payday lenders or something; they contribute nothing to the streetlife of a neighborhood.

  • Myron

    What a great addition to the neighborhood! said no one ever

  • Anonymous

    Now what to do with the old Mixtec space, the soon to be closed Pasta Mia, the shyte-filled trinket place next to that and the christian book store…


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