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New Wine and Oyster Bar, The Navy Yard Oyster Company, Coming to The Lumber Shed in The Yards in spring 2015

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2014 at 10:22 am 13 Comments

The Navy Yard Oyster Company

From a press release:

“Brine, wine and stunning waterfront panoramas are coming to The Yards as the ink dries on Forest City Washington’s newest lease signing. Tenured Washington, DC restaurateurs and friends August Paro and Elias Hengst, founders of Beuchert’s Saloon and Sonoma Restaurant & Wine Bar, respectively, and Forest City Washington are excited to jointly announce the addition of The Navy Yard Oyster Company.

The new oyster and wine bar is the second joint project by Paro & Hengst and will occupy a 1,887 square foot waterfront/parkfront space on the south side of the historic Lumber Shed building at The Yards, featuring stunning views of the southeast waterfront and Yards Park. Opening is planned for Spring 2015.

The Navy Yard Oyster Company will occupy a soaring, two story, light-filled space capped by the 40-foot, exposed roof truss work of the historic original Navy Yard building. The restaurant design is inspired by the building’s ties to US Naval history, Washington, DC, and to the water itself.

he Navy Yard Oyster Company menu is inspired by the waters of the Chesapeake and the Mid- Atlantic foodshed, and the ingredients will reflect the partners’ well-established commitment to sourcing seasonally and locally. Oysters from Rappahannock and the Bay will be highlighted, but the selection will also feature well known East Coast and West Coast oysteries.

The extensive by-the-glass wine list will be comprised of a thoughtful, accessible selection of oyster and seafood-friendly whites and roses, uncommon reds, and a special section of Champagne and sparkling wines designed to be paired with specific oysters of different provenances and flavor characteristics.

The Navy Yard Oyster Company will also feature list of classic cocktails, highlighting selections from the burgeoning local distiller movement in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. A locally-focused beer menu will offer something for fans of DC and regional breweries.
From an ambiance perspective, The Navy Yard Oyster Company aims to deliver a low key, laid back elegance. “Both August and I both have made the West Coast our homes for extended periods of time and have family ties there, but we both have deep roots in Washington.” says Hengst. ”Our goal for the The Navy Yard Oyster Company is to draw on our love of both coasts by offering the best oysters, ingredients, and wines in a warm, pretense-free vibe.”
The Navy Yard Oyster Company will serve lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

The partners have personally curated the design materials and fixtures and will be fabricating much of the interior by hand. Through road trips across the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast, they have built a collection of antique tiles, rough lumber, period fixtures, and raw steel which will dovetail with the building’s original design.

“I’ve never seen a building quite like this one in DC,” says Paro, partner and designer, “With the interior height, trusswork ceiling, water views and deep history, the design of The Navy Yard Oyster Company is really about just letting the building tell its story.”

  • JacquesOfAllTrades

    I hadn’t realized there was space for another restaurant between Agua 301 and Osteria Morini, but looking at the photo on JDland, it actually looks like an awesome space. (Whether or not they’ll have access to any of the patio real estate is unclear.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for this place to open. Extreme wines and a great raw bar. What more could one ask for?

  • bll

    as someone who lives and works in the neighborhood i’m interested to see how this place turns out. eli hengst’s last wine bar- mendocino- didn’t fare too well, and neither did blue ridge in glover park.

  • DC225

    We really need something good to go into that building. It’s such a great space and location, but so far, Osteria Morini and Acqua 301 are both sooooo overpriced for what they are. It’s a shame because I want to patronize businesses in my neighborhood, but dropping $100 for a just-okay weeknight dinner is not cool with me.

    Also, can anybody explain why none of the surrounding streets allow parking? There’s plenty of room for street parking but it’s prohibited, making a drive to these places very difficult. There are some off-street lots, but sometimes I don’t even plan to be there for an hour, if I’m just going to Nandos or the dry cleaner.

    • eak

      Agua isn’t overpriced. Their entrees are generous and in the late teen. Their brunch is downright afford at 9-14.

      Osteria is pricey, but werth.

      • SW,DC

        Agua IS overpriced, and the food is not even great. Also they don’t have pitchers and the drinks are expensive. So yea two small sangrias full of ice ($8 each) are $16 and if you buy food and have your hungry gf w/ you it’s $75+ for food and drinks. This ain’t 14th st!

      • kanon

        Disagree. It’s overpriced, and that’s ~partly~ why when I ate their last night, we were one of three parties there. I want to like it, and go there more regularly, but I’d rather go to Bluejacket and spend less money to eat more and better food and drink more and better alcohol.

        • Anonymous

          “It’s overpriced, and that’s ~partly~ why when I ate their last night, we were one of three parties there.”
          Just a guess, but that probably had more to do with it being a Monday night with terrible weather. On Sunday evening there was an hour+ wait (Osteria looked full too).

        • carlosthedwarf

          The food is worse than Bluejacket?! It must be really terrible, then, because Bluejacket is not good.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve only been to Agua once, but I got two tacos for $5. I think that’s a pretty good deal. The service needed some work, though.
        I think nice waterfront areas are natrally going to have overpriced dining though (just look at Georgetown). You’re paying a premium for the waterfront ambiance, which is scarce in DC.
        And if you can’t afford Agua or Osteria, there are plenty of more affordable food and drink options nearby– Kruba Thai, Nando’s, Potbelly, Bluejacket, Buzz Bakery, Ice Cream Jubilee, the Brew and Cue place if it ever opens. Actually my favorite thing to do is bring a picnic to one of the tables in the Yards Park overlook, for a true waterfront view!

    • Anonymous

      Osteria has the BEST Brunch. It’s more affordable than dinner. Definitely try it!

  • Anonymous

    Oysters are the new burgers/cupcakes/tacos/ramen.

  • colm

    can’t wait!


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