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Check out the Rendering for 6th and Massachusetts Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 18, 2014 at 4:10 pm 22 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I got some crappy pictures of the lot and early stages of construction at 6th and Mass NW. However, I looked up the developer and found there renderings of the building. Amazing!!”

From Gould Property Company:

“Welcome to 600 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

The new gold standard in architecture, 600 Mass represents the convergence of clean aesthetics, forward-thinking amenities and green spaces that blur the lines between traditional indoor and outdoor environments. With a façade wrapped in 10 stories of brilliant glass encompassing 400,000 square feet, the views are stellar — and they mirror your smart success.”

Rendering via Gould Property Company

  • Anony

    How is this amazing? This is just like every new building built in this city…

    • That Man A

      first thing i thought was everything is looking the same

    • Anonymous

      You create zoning rules that max out at 10.0 floor-area ratio. Buildings limited to 110 or 130 feet. What do you think is going to be built? A box.

      Don’t blame the architects or developers. Blame the zoning and height restrictions.

      • Anonymous

        I blame the architects for making it all glass. Very inefficient design. I feel bad for the engineering team that has to make this building work.

        • Anonymous

          all of the leed platinum buildings going in are all glass, thats not that inefficient

      • Anonymous

        nope; similar height restrictions apply in parts of London and they have lots of very interesting new buildings.

    • Tired of Whiners

      It’s not different from just any new office building being built in the entire country except that ours are shorter. Don’t go on and on about how boring architecture is and then try to say that they’re only boring here because it’s the same stuff everywhere. Don’t like it? Move!

  • Beth

    Whoa. I’m not a big fan of most of DC’s big glass box architecture, but there are a few real gems right in that area around 6th and K/New York Ave.

  • Anonymous

    That’ll be fun when the sunlight hits it.

  • textdoc

    I like how the neighborhood tag for this one is “Mt Vernon Squangle.” 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m really digging the design. Does anyone have a link to any renderings for the building going up where the NPR building used to stand? I’m hoping for a DC version of NY’s flat iron building, but I doubt we’ll get one that looks as good.

  • inwdc

    “Expensive views for powerful egotists”

    • yes. please let’s not further feed the egos of these corporate puppets.

  • Anonymous

    same old same old

  • Anonymous

    The real question is are they going to block off the sidewalk for construction like the other side of the street leaving pedestrians with nowhere to walk?

  • anon


  • Low Headways

    Ughhhhh seriously, I understand the height limits and ensuing boxiness, but couldn’t we do brick or stone or something with a soul?

  • Bloomingdale

    Honestly, its better than a lot of what is going up right now. The problem with exterior finishings of todays buildings is that they are driven by the developer. Developers want to build what’s cheap. That’s why we see so many buildings with metal panels, glass, and that ugly yellow/orange brick. Until developers are willing to invest more into projects, we will be stuck with boxes. At least this one plays with stepping back the façade in various ways…plus the shape of the site helps too.


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