“This is to inform you that a Big Brown bat in Ward 1, was determined rabid by the DC Department of Health”

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 10:55 am 5 Comments

Bat visiting Woodley Park in 2012


From an email:

“This is to inform you that a Big Brown bat in Ward 1, was determined rabid by the DC Department of Health on May 28, 2014. The animal was picked up on May 22 from the following addresses:

Bat – male adult Big Brown, found inside the bedroom of an apartment on May 22 at the 2000 blk of 16th St. NW in Ward 1. A similar situation involving a bat developed a week ago when a human/pet exposure resulted in the same general area in Ward 1.

Attached are flyers on Rabies and Animal Control Laws to the District’s residents. This is a message of prevention and caution on approaching any suspicious animals including loose cats and dogs in that area. Pet owners who allow cats and dogs to run at large in the woods expose their pets to possible Rabies transmission and Lyme disease, which can also be transmitted to humans.

Brochure-Rabies (PDF)

Brochure-Animal Control Laws (PDF)

Moreover, the following is pertinent information to assist the residents with advise on exclusionary methods, such as securing trash cans and other food sources, repairing and patching holes in attics and block crawl spaces such as porches and sheds against intrusion of wildlife. Wild animals are attracted to food waste. Thus sanitation issues should be prevented. The city does not to remove an animal from its habitat, unless sick or injured. Therefore, it’s important for residents to read our flyers for tips to discourage the proximity of urban wildlife into their properties and learn about signs of abnormal behavior.

Thank you,

Maria Hille
Supervisory Biologist, M.S., Animal Disease Control/HRLA
DC Department of Health / Government of the District of Columbia”


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