Condos still coming to the Former Goins Building?

by Prince Of Petworth June 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm 10 Comments

3930 Georgia Ave, NW

Lots of readers have been sending in questions about the corner of Sherman and Georgia Ave, NW. Last we heard, in September of last year, the building at the corner of Shepherd and Georgia Ave, NW (formerly home to the Goins restaurant) had been demolished. At that time it was supposed to become the the Fahrenheit Condos. That website is still active and I’ve seen construction workers at the space so presumably it’ll still become condos. Anyone heard anything different?

  • Anonymous

    There are so many planned developments on Georgia… but they are just planned. I’m hoping once the new Safeway opens it gets a few more going. Maybe the increased foot traffic might be some new retail in closer to the metro station.

    Could do with some of those empty lots having a few less rats (specifically Otis and Georgia).

  • I’ve seen them doing work there, why would they no longer be coming?

  • Anonymous

    After watching them dig out the foundation and install the walls of the ground level, I would never want to live there. They sort of retro-fitted the concrete to the former hole, with the old leaning brick wall supporting one side. I’m not even close to being a contractor/builder, but it doesn’t seem square to me. Hope it holds!

  • Anonymous

    Work has really picked up here in the past several weeks. I’m hoping there will be some retail space available in the bottom of the building. It’s such a great location seeing as though it’s with a block of the new Safeway, Chez Bill and only two blocks to the Metro. My issue is that Park Place, above the metro, continues to be a vacant retail mess as the owner is more interested in receiving free money (our tax dollars) from DC government to keep them vacant rather than fill them to meet the retail needs of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the empty lot next to Chez Billy (another prime location) is being developed by the same developer, Donnatelli. When will they be held accountable?

    • Anon

      Hi – Curious as to what’s going on at Park Place. Can you say more as to the subsidy thing? I can see the empty retail readily, but are they at least renting the apartments?


  • tvl

    I was very disappointed to see that the old facade was demolished, which I’ve heard was completed without proper city permits, causing the recent delay in any activity at the site. It seems the developer is keeping quite about their plans, but I would prefer they engage the community; despite the previous demolition error, the community is eager for more (thoughtful) development.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if Farenheight will have retail space?

  • Anonymous

    The permits for this property look messy (check the DC permit tracking website with the property address – 3930 Georgia Ave NW: http://pivs.dcra.dc.gov/OBPAT/Default.aspx)

    Last description I see from the permit page on 1/13/2014 still indicates first floor retail and five stories of apartments above (six stories total): “ga/c-3-a: app for 6-story mixed-use building with storage (bsmt) retail (1st floor, 2840 sf) and 31 apartment (1st-6th floors). subject to iz requirements with 3 units set aside for moderate income earners (80% of ami): #201 (2 br); #301 (2 br); & #404 (1 br). 3 parking spaces required and provided per attached za letter.”

    Would be great to get something more from the developer though – is it too much to ask for a sketch of the building or more details about the retail (still thinking one large restaurant, as was thought months ago?)? Anyone tried contacting PERS Development?


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