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Random List of 13 Restaurants that Have Closed in the Last Year and Saddened Some

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2014 at 4:20 pm 19 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

The following was inspired from a quote by comedian Demetri Martin: “The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly.” The ranking of this list was however in no way affected by the consumption of big bottles of Calabaza Blanca.

13. Fojol Bros. (Mobile)
12. Dino, Lavandou (Cleveland Park)
11. Sushi Ko (Glover Park)
10. Cannon’s Fish Market (Georgetown)
9. Channel Inn’s Engine Room (SW Waterfront)
8. Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (H Street)
7. Old City Cafe, Mixtec (Adams Morgan)
6. Point Chaud Cafe and Crepes (Logan)
5. New Orleans PoBoy Shop (Dupont)
4. Yo! Sushi (Union Station/NoMa)
3. Cafe Japone (Dupont)
2. Remingtons, 18th Amendment, Pour House (soon), and Li’l Pub (Capitol Hill)
1. The Reef (Adams Morgan)

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if Eola closed last year or the year before but I will definitely miss that place.

    And does Caribou count??

    • Anonymous

      Eola was this year, and that place rocked.

      • Anonymous

        +1 Eola should be top of this list. The chef (Dan) is now over at Blue Duck…

  • Mmmmm Calabaza Blanca. Swoon.

  • Anonymous

    Famous Luigi’s!!! 19th and L! It’s had been around for over 40 years! Tear…

    • Anonymous

      Seriously! I miss Luigi a lot!

    • AMDCer

      I was going to post the same thing!

    • ryan2499


  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Kinkade’s close this year? Truly a DC establishment, and the closure really speaks to the rapid evolution of the DC restaurant scene in the last 5 or 10 years.

  • Matt G

    I count 18.

  • Anonymous

    Tru Orleans (that was this year, wasn’t it?)

  • Anonymous

    Moroni! Oh Moroni I miss your pizza.

  • fenster77

    Potbelly’s (Dupont). I’m just sayin’.

    • Anonymous

      that’s not how you use that phrase.

  • I loved the Fojol guys, but New Orleans PoBoy Shop had to be the most disappointing for me, mainly because they just seemed to vanish with no word to the public except an ominous “we’ll return” sign that didn’t live up to its promise.

  • teetime84

    Burma Restaurant – this place is missing from this list and is really a commentary on the sky high property prices that won’t allow small time owners to maintain their presence in these bustling communities. It’s really disappointing that so many good local places are getting the boot for chains.

  • Mike

    Along with Luigi’s, I’d like to add Maroni Brothers to this list

  • MMM

    Cirque Cuisine (also mobile). I miss that truck.

    And, from several years ago, Vegetate.


  • anan

    La Frontera Contina… been just over a year but I miss those guys. Alex the manager, Daniel and Cesar the head waiters… they were always so nice to my wife and I and treated us like regulars.


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