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Concerned Citizen: 2 Small Children Left in Car while Mother Goes to Grocery Store

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From the Brookland listserv:

“Last night as I ran in for some soup, i couldn’t help but notice that someone had left their 2 small children in their car as they ran in the store. I stood there for a while looking in the car just to make sure i didn’t see an older child in their with them or an adult in the passenger size, but there wasn’t. I immediately went in the store and asked the cashier to do a store page to the person who left their children in the car. As i said it out of my mouth a lady says OH THATS ME, i just ran in for a second. She kept repeating how sorry she was. I looked at her and asked her does she really realize how serious this is? I told her not to apologize to me, change the behavior. I’m not here to judge her, but i am judging the behavior and the bad choice she just so happen to make. Everyone makes a mistake.

People, Please see the value in your children. There is no amount of anything that you need that is worth putting your children’s life at risk. they were old enough to take in the store for the 2 things she went to buy. Next time I wont hesitate to call CPS. This is not a joke, nor is it an option to leave your unattended children in the house nor your car while you go get what you think you need. I know of someone who spend the entire weekend in jail for doing the exact same thing, and her children were much older. Let this be a warning that YOU are NOT exempt from the LAW, you just didn’t get caught, or should I say, I just didn’t turn you in!

If you wouldn’t leave your keys in the car with it running while you run into a store, or leave your keys in your house door, or door wide open while you run to a store, how much more important is it to make sure your God granted children are safe at ALL times. Children are a gift from God.”

One resident responds:

“Oh my goodness! I knew people like this–the Mommy Police–were out there, ready to scold me the first second I take some “shortcut” with my baby (which we’ve all considered doing at some point). Good grief, cut the lady some slack!!! It’s not ideal behavior, of course, and I didn’t see it myself, but it doesn’t sound horrendous enough to merit a comment on this listserv at all, much less a 3-paragraph diatribe.”

Mommy police or just good advice?

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