Your Afternoon Animal Fix – Props to Washington Humane Society Animal Care and Control Officers

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2014 at 3:30 pm 23 Comments

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WHS-SGiacoppo. (68)

From the Washington Humane Society:

“WHS Officers are part of two distinct teams:

Washington Humane Society Animal Care and Control Officers responded to 14,656 calls in 2013 to help animals in need.

o Of these calls, 2,797 relate to urban wildlife (19% of all calls – but just say roughly 20%)
o The WHS Animal Care and Control department is responsible for providing Animal Control Services for the District of Columbia under a contract with the DC Department of Health.
o The team includes Officers, Investigators, Dispatchers, a Wildlife Specialist, and a Director.
o This team responds to a variety of cases, from stray animals running at large, dog bite incidents, cats stuck in trees, wildlife stuck in residential housing, deer in a parking garage – they’ve seen it all!
o For animal emergencies, call 202-576-6664.

Washington Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Officers responded to 3,131 calls to assist abused or neglected animals last year
o The WHS Humane Law Enforcement department (HLE) is congressionally authorized and maintains the statutory right under DC law to investigate animal abuse and neglect.
o The most serious cases are brought to the attention of the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecution.
o The team consists of 4 Officers, an assistant and a Director
o To report animal cruelty, call 202-723-5730″

Cindy with Squirrel


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Ted with Duck

Ted with Hawk

  • What a great story – thanks to all these animal care officers!

  • Anonymous

    Marry me squirrel lady!

  • Susan

    Love this Animal Fix! Thank you Washington Humane Society for all the hard work you do!

  • christina

    what a lovely post. so inspirational to be a better citizen of the earth.

  • DCAC Fan

    These officers are amazing! They put themselves in dangerous situations for very little pay and only a handful of them cover a busy city.They provide an essential service for our community and do it with compassion for residents both animal and human. Thank you for what you do; you all are the best!!

  • John

    I cannot say enough great things about Washington Humane Society. They went above and beyond to help me find my dog when my she ran away. Donate or volunteer!

  • LP

    Thank you for all you do!!!

  • cMaryC

    Oooh, Miss Beatrix Potter’s errant Puddle-Duck?
    Thanks to all of you animal rescue & management people!

  • Tall E

    Great animal fix! Kudos to these folks for their hard work. Anyone know what kind of hawk that is? I’m guessing a Cooper’s?

  • Animal Jones

    The post does not mention that DC Animal Control Officers are tasked with enforcing DC animal codes and laws ( licensing, dog bites, pet store inspections, cruelty investigations, illegal and exotic animal enforcement, etc, etc…) this is because in DC the officers work for WHS ( a contracted nonprofit) and not for the police dept. The officers in DC. Are not able to issue tickets to people in violation of these laws including some very serious crimes. Many municipalities are putting Animal Services under the police dept. Montgomery county made the switch last year and by all accounts have increased the effectiveness of the department. Montgomery county is also now able to pay these officers a good wage for their hard work. There is talk in the council of eliminating law enforcement from the WHS contract. If you care about the tough work these officers do please learn more about how help them keep doing the work they love!

    • WHS

      While it’s true that WHS Animal Control Officers do not fall under the police department, the Washington Humane Society itself is chartered by Congress to enforce these laws separate of any contract. WHS also employs four full time Humane Law Enforcement Officers that are on call 24/7 to protect animals in the District from cruelty or harm. We firmly believe that animal cruelty is such a serious crime that a civil infraction in the way of a ticket is an inappropriate punishment. These offenses should be considered severe criminal offenses, and handled accordingly, like they are in DC. As for issuing citations for animal control violations, WHS Animal Control Officers do have the authority to issue citations to pet owners for failing to license or vaccinate their animals, and for the possession of prohibited animals. The only citations we cannot issue (in the field) are those for having unleashed dogs. Having a dog off leash in a non-approved dog park area is illegal in the District and can only be handled by the Metropolitan Police Department. Fortunately, WHS maintains a fantastic relationship with MPD, with each group assisting the other whenever needed and providing important cross training. Thank you to everyone for recognizing the critical work of our Officers, and for advocating for the animals in our district and for the work of the Washington Humane Society!

    • Paul Constantine

      PROPS! To these officers!
      One very important thing to know about WHS is that the CEO is on the board of directors and is paid $250,000+ per year.

  • Anonymous

    Such a great group! I for one, am supporting them by attending this year’s Sugar and Champagne Fundraiser. Best. Event. Ever!


  • Anon

    A million times, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It takes a very special person to do this type of work, but thank god there are those with the courage not to look away from cruelty and neglect. A thousand thanks for helping these most vulnerable creatures!

  • Anona

    I volunteer with the WHS and it’s the most rewarding part of my week! I love working with all of the sweet pit mixes, and I wish I could give more of my time/money to them.

  • Alexis

    Thanks for all the amazing work that you do!

  • DBV


  • Pam Blyers

    Nice photo op of WHS CEO Lisa Lafontaine and VP Scott Giacoppo ( in the center of the group)

  • Kes

    I’ve adopted both my cat (four years ago) and my dog (1 month ago) from WHS, and they are the best pets, affectionate and lots of fun! Both times, the WHS volunteers made sure to follow up with me and offer me assistance with any behavioral issues, which thankfully have been few.

    I also called the Animal Control Officers to care for a neighborhood alley cat that had been injured. They called me back to help find the cat an hour later, picked him up, treated his injuries, neutered him, and had him back on the street looking healthy in about a week. They do excellent work.

  • Sydney

    The whole team at the WHS is terrific. Extreme professionalism, kindness and patience all around. Props to them.

  • Anonymous


    Just a side note. I’ve had a collarless dog in my backyard waiting for animal control for 4 and a half hours now. Not quite sure why it takes that long for animal control to arrive at a fairly central location. Would love to see the service log for what they were up to tonight!

  • Petworth Resident


    Just a side note. I’ve had a collarless dog in my backyard waiting for animal control for 4 and a half hours now. Not quite sure why it takes that long for animal control to arrive at a fairly central location. Would love to see the service log for what they were up to tonight!


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