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From the Washington Humane Society:

“WHS Officers are part of two distinct teams:

Washington Humane Society Animal Care and Control Officers responded to 14,656 calls in 2013 to help animals in need.

o Of these calls, 2,797 relate to urban wildlife (19% of all calls – but just say roughly 20%)
o The WHS Animal Care and Control department is responsible for providing Animal Control Services for the District of Columbia under a contract with the DC Department of Health.
o The team includes Officers, Investigators, Dispatchers, a Wildlife Specialist, and a Director.
o This team responds to a variety of cases, from stray animals running at large, dog bite incidents, cats stuck in trees, wildlife stuck in residential housing, deer in a parking garage – they’ve seen it all!
o For animal emergencies, call 202-576-6664.

Washington Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Officers responded to 3,131 calls to assist abused or neglected animals last year
o The WHS Humane Law Enforcement department (HLE) is congressionally authorized and maintains the statutory right under DC law to investigate animal abuse and neglect.
o The most serious cases are brought to the attention of the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecution.
o The team consists of 4 Officers, an assistant and a Director
o To report animal cruelty, call 202-723-5730″

Cindy with Squirrel


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Ted with Duck

Ted with Hawk


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