Washington, DC

1300 block of 13th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’m not sure if you have caught up with the closing of Mr. Wash and Jerry’s this past weekend. It looks like construction on the new condo building will start soon. Needless to say, we who live next door are quite concerned about many things, including construction noise, debris, and the potential closing of parts of 13th St and the alley to bring in construction equipment. The builders will speak to the ANC about their project tomorrow, February 5, at 7 PM at the Washington Plaza Hotel.

In Dec. another neighbor voiced his concerns:

“Holladay’s plans will negatively impact the quality of life for Iowa residents as they include constructing a 60-foot high wall that’s 23 feet away from the back of Iowa Condo townhouses. This 60-foot high wall will block direct sunlight from the units on the south side of the Iowa as well as a large portion of the unique Iowa Condo courtyard / fountain area. When an Iowa condo owner spoke with a representative at Holladay about the wall height/closeness, loss of sunlight and privacy concerns, the response included “that’s part of living in the city”. Finally, the proposed 67 condo units will bring more cars and fewer parking options to a neighborhood where parking is already at a premium.”



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