• Anonymous

    I love this — how have I never seen this one?!

  • Whoa, really cool. With such a unique design I wonder if it was something prior to residential?

    • RJS

      I’m thinking old school firehouse, from the horse-drawn days. Anybody know for sure?

      • Yeah I was going to guess firehouse or church.

  • AG

    Want. If it weren’t for the people living there, Georgetown would be my favorite ‘hood.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like we’ve moved past the days where it was cool to hate on Georgetown folks. Give it a rest.

      (not a gtown resident)

      • Snappity Snap Snap

        Agreed. That comment is inappropriate no matter which neighborhood its applied to. For some reason people think its fine to make disparaging remarks about Georgetown, but if the same remarks were made about Eckington or Columbia Heights or plenty of other neighborhoods there’d be a shit-storm of comments.

        • Anonymous

          agree. plus there are some really awesome people who live in Georgetown, and some assholes. same as every other neighborhood.

      • Yeah I totally agree – it’s a very 90s thing to say.


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