Major Demolition Begins at former Mid City Deli Space at 14th and P St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2014 at 1:30 pm 22 Comments

14th and P Street, NW

Back in October we heard some scuttlebutt that Dolcezza Gelato could be taking over this space. Since then they have denied that rumor. Originally it was supposed to be a project from the Taylor Gourmet folks though with their recent troubles at Taylor Charles Steak and Ice it’s not clear what the future is for this space. But good to know something is definitely happening. Anyone hear anything lately?

Whoever is coming – some serious demolition has started:


It’s a bit hard to tell from the photos but the demo goes all the way down to the basement:


  • Anonymous

    I feel like a BAR there would do GREAT

  • Anonymous

    yeah i walked past in the morning last week and saw that it went all the way down. kinda scary actually.

    unrelated question: whats up with “carryout deli” a nextdoor? ive moved in a block away in december and have only ever seen it open once. and even then, it looked pretty dodgy from the outside

    • carlosthedwarf

      They open M-F for breakfast and lunch, and I think they’re open Saturdays as well.

  • Anonymous

    So glad to see this building finally getting some work. The rest of the neighborhood has really turned out well… except for this corner and the dry cleaners/other shops next to it. Would love to see those dry cleaners and other businesses get some small business loans/grants to help clean up the block.

  • Anonymous

    Is it too much to ask that whatever is going there isn’t allowed to keep the space fenced in by the existing iron fence? It’s not a huge deal, but trying to navigate between the bus stop and that fence can be frustrating at times.

    • lovefifteen

      I agree. It would be great if they could get rid of this fence. It doesn’t seem to serve much purpose, and it causes bottlenecking on the sidewalk.

  • GAT

    This place 13 years ago was the most popular quick-eat restaurant on the block. Had a line out the door for their fried fish.

  • wpk_dc

    It’s such a high-visibility corner with beautiful architecture. I’d love to see it fixed up, just hope they retain the Victorian details. And a Dolcezzo would be great!

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s so far to walk a 1/2 block for gelato at Pitango

      • DF

        Despite them being rather different concepts of gellato, was just gonna say the same thing….

      • lovefifteen

        I don’t like Pitango’s gelato, but I do like Dolcezza. I would be happy with another Dolcezza anywhere on 14th, to be honest.

  • Rich

    Would rather have Taylor. There’s enough overpriced stuff in the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      ummm…. there’s a Taylor about 2 blocks up.

  • Anonymous

    Pitango is coke to Dolcezza’s Pepsi Max

  • Anonymous

    A bakery should move in there. There are no good bakeries (unless you count Ted’s, which I don’t) in the neighborhood. BakeHouse was a bust, as they have like 10 baked goods at any given time.

    • Anonymous

      In general, I feel like there are too few (good) bakeries anywhere in DC. I blame the paleo diet!

  • anon

    My question is whether they are renovating the upstairs, which has really been hurting since the fire a couple years ago. In any event, this building could be really awesome.

  • jessicae223

    More Gelato? Pitango is half a block away… Don’t get me wrong, I like gelato – a few times a year. Does a gelato place really need that large of a space? It seems like it would be far better suited for a dining establishment that needs more seating then that. Although I am glad to see improvements coming to the building since that corner is particularly unappealing.

    • Anonymous

      I love gelato and live one block from a Pitango, but I honestly only go there 2-3 times a year. I guess some people can spare the money and calories more often than I do, but still, it’s kind of a luxury treat.

  • EnShaw

    I would love a real bakery, like the kind with breads and pastries, maybe even fresh pastas.

  • MRLeaver

    I don’t know what’s going in there, but I know definitively that it won’t be the Taylor deal. I just asked someone who works for the company about this recently and they told me Taylor pulled out.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not going to happen, but it’d be great if the owners of Le Caprice in Columbia Heights would open a second bakery in Logan Circle. It’s great and I think it’d do quite well there – as it does in Columbia Heights.


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