Jay Gruden Hired as Redskins Head Coach

by Prince Of Petworth January 9, 2014 at 10:16 am 33 Comments

From ESPN:

“The Washington Redskins search for a new head coach, which once looked like it could take several weeks, ended Thursday when they agreed to hire Jay Gruden, a league source told ESPN.

Gruden, the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive coordinator, interviewed with Washington on Wednesday.”

  • Anonymous

    There is little reason to believe he will last more than 2 – 3 years.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. This won’t end well. Like RGIII’s career.

  • gloomingdale

    PoP thoughts on using “Washington Football Team” in lieu of “Redskins”?

      • Emilie504

        But when will you stop using the R word?

        • My guess would be when it’s actually changed, which will likely be never. There is entirely too much money tied up in the marketing for the 5th largest grossing sports franchise in the world for them to ever change the name.

          • Anonymous

            On the other hand, the Patent Office just rejected a trademark for “Redskins Pork Rinds” (or whatever junk food) on the basis of the name being racist. If the football owners/marketers find they can’t trademark team-related things, the name will change yesterday.

          • Well yeah, but they already have the trademark. It would take some sort of act of government to likely revoke it.

          • DMV-ist

            Actually they’re the 8th largest sports franchise according to the most recent Forbes assessment. Numbers 1-7 are:
            Real, Man Utd, Barca, Yankees, Cowboys, Patriots, Dodgers

          • Ah, wow, they got bumped then from last year! Either way, it’s still over a billion and a half to consider.

      • They are the Maryland Football Team as far as I’m concerned. They don’t play in the District anymore, and it’s highly unlikely they ever will again.

        • Anonymous

          That’s dumb. The Giants and Jets still go by “New York” and the Niners aren’t changing their name to Santa Clara. Oh, plus the Cowboys haven’t played in Dallas in decades.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a win-win for anyone willing to take the job. I just wish they would have hired me. Low expectations and high pay. You certainly don’t have to win. Let Snyder just do what he does. Lucky Gruden!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but would rather be old and on my way out. The Redskins are going to kill a young career. RGIII would probably have played like he did last year on a team with an O line and defense.

  • Who-Dey

    As a Bengals fan living in DC, this hire makes me happy since he is no longer play calling in Cincy.

  • Kalorama_Kat

    This Gruden guy looks WAY more like an orange cat than the last coach. I approve.

  • Not a Redskins fan here, so in terms of performance I don’t really care who they hire. My only annoyance is that now I’ll have to hear his brother John slurp him even more whenever they appear on Monday Night Football.

    • anon

      fortunately, they are not likely to appear on monday night football because they, you know, suck.

  • Darrel_J

    DC is one of America’s blackest cities, and the NFL is dominated by young black men. I’m not surprised Snyder and Ko. didn’t hire an African-American coach, but I am disappointed.

    • ledroittiger

      I would hope that the Skins wouldn’t hire a coach just because he’s black to appease fans, but that said, they obviously didn’t put much thought into this one…

    • Anonymous

      Skin color doesn’t matter. Gruden is one of the best options available and has been on the cusp of being a head coach for a couple years now.

      • Darrel_J

        This is a team with a racist name and a racist history (last team to sign a black player) with a majority black fanbase, and yet they keep flaunting the Rooney Rule and hiring one bad white coach after another. Look, I love the skins and Joe Gibbs as much as the next guy, but i think Snyder could have made a big statement had he gone after one of the very good black coaches circulating. Gruden is by NO means a slam-dunk hire.

        • Which “slam-dunk” black coach would you have hired instead?

        • ledroittiger

          Let’s face it, he should have hired a Native-American coach. Maybe they could exhume Jim Thorpe.

    • Paul Tagliabue

      Snyder should have hired a Native American

      • Anonymous

        Snyder would probably think it’s a good idea to have the coach in full Native American regalia on the sidelines on Sundays. “See look! I’m not racist – we celebrate their culture!”

  • Anonymous

    Thank God spring training is just around the corner. I think I’ve had my fill of football till September.

  • Anonymous

    The Redskins motto must be: “Committment to Mediocrity”.

  • Paul Tagliabue

    Do we get the Bengals defense in the deal?

  • Anon

    Why I like him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZwAUtl2okA ( Language)

  • theheights

    If “developing” Andy Dalton is the highlight of your résumé, you’re not exactly a top coaching prospect. More mediocrity for the Landover Football Team.

  • kook47797

    He will be butting heads with Snyder within the year. A low key tactician is what the this team needed.

  • kook47797

    He will be butting heads with Snyder within the year. A low key tactician is what this team needed.


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