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  • brookland_rez

    Definitely has potential, but as is it looks to me like it needs a good bit of TLC.

    • anonymous

      This is on First Street NW right by Big Bear Cafe. They’ve done a TON of work to the place, and have recently redug/renovated the entire basement suite. I haven’t peeked in lately, but I think the rest of the house will get be getting work done too.

      • Anonymous

        Any word on what’s happening with 87 Florida NW? Permits pulled for a gut-job, but no further details as to what will become of the space.

        • anonymous

          Not sure. I had seen a guy taking photos of the property from lots of angles before Christmas, and now they’ve gutted the inside, and started taking off the white paint/shoring up the brick steps. I’m hoping for a cool shop – but it’s probably just going to be a condo or 2…

  • owner

    Oh it’s been gutted and redone from basement to top. It was an 18 month project that was supposed to last 8 tops. I will never do it again as it was the most stressful undertaking of my life. Next project – paint job. Any recommendations?


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