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  • anon

    Is this a serious question? It’s undeniably, shamefully awful.

  • anon

    Just move into a bigger, different house, people. Stop single-handedly ruining blocks of 100 y/o rowhomes.

    • Anonymous

      You got to admit, it was only a matter of time until people brought their suburban McMansion mentality into the city.

      • fz


  • saf

    Poor house. Somebody put a shed on his roof.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, you totally nailed it.
      Just terrible.

  • Wow


  • Anonymous

    I live on this street a few blocks north and witnessed it going up. It turned out just as awful as I expected. Those people paid over a million for that house too.

  • Todd

    An architectural abortion

    • alpinepaq

      While successfully conveying your distaste, this comment makes no sense.

      • Anonymous Coward

        Especially considering it got made.

  • Joe C

    Agreed that this looks like a shed somebody bought at Walmart. At least they didn’t wreck the facade of the building in the process, so that this could eventually be improved or removed.

  • ET

    Looks like lazy “design” to me. Oh and going the cheaper route as well.

    If you are going to pay a hefty price for a house, spend considerable money on this, and have any thoughts as to who would buy that in the future for the increased price, maybe they should have gone a different route.

  • Nolo

    At least the people next door probably got a free chimney upgrade out of the deal.

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering about. I’ve got an issue with my chimney and the pop-up next door. Specifically, my chimney is now too short. Anybody know whose responsibility that is, legally speaking? I’m presuming mine. Has anyone else dealt with this?

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean it’s too short? It’s still working, right? Or are you no longer allowed to use it, due to the pop-up on the property line?
        I guess I don’t understand the issue you have.

        • Anonymous

          well, a chimney does need air current to function properly

  • Anonymous

    This is really really ugly.

  • jeffb

    I live in an historic district (Capitol Hill), which at times seems overly restrictive and encourages neighbors to get in each others’ business a little too much. While I tend to be more on the side of not telling neighbors what to do, this photo reminds me of the value that a historic designation adds and makes me more grateful that I won’t see this kind of thing going up on my block. Before I was on the fence on the pop-up issue because I want to see more density in the city, but pop-ups like this don’t add density; they merely allow wealthy people to live more lavishly and use more resources. If I were king I might consider pop-ups that blend in with the neighborhood and that add density (e.g. an extra condo unit) but not ones that stick out like this and that serve only to make wealthy lives more lavish.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. This.

  • That Man A

    That looks so… lazy

  • reality

    Looks really, really bad.

  • Zurga

    A horrible eyesore.

  • Anonymous

    i swear i think some people want dc itself to be some museum of disneyland like place.

  • Anonymous



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