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  • I used to live there. It was pretty nice! One thing I remember, though, was that crossing the intersection of 5th, L, and NY Ave to get to Safeway was harrowing. I wonder if that’s improved at all now that that are has become even more dense with peds and bikers.

    • Beth

      I live there now and that intersection is TERRIBLE — very dangerous! I’m actually trying to figure out right now if there is a way to increase the time pedestrians have to cross New York Ave. If anyone has tips on who to contact in DC government and what to say, I would love that.

      • kcr

        I live close by. Rachelle Nigro, who is my ANC rep, has said that she and others have pushed DDOT to make timing changes to the light cycle here. They said that they’ve conducted a study, and it shows that the cycle is optimum as is. So good luck, but if you want to reach out, DDOT is the agency you want.

        • Beth

          Interesting. Perhaps the cycle is “optimum” for cars, but it’s a real hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

          Thanks for the tips in any case, and I will reach out to DDOT.

          • Beth

            Is there any chance that a reader here knows where to find that study?

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that you mention this, as a pedestrian was struck at that intersection this morning.

    • Anonymous

      Technically, as long as a pedestrian has entered the crosswalk with a “walk” signal, he or she has the right of way for however long it takes to cross the street, even if the turn single turns to a steady “don’t walk” and the cross traffic gets a green light. Not that any driver knows or even cares about that.

      • It’s especially tricky at this intersection because visibility there is bad, and cars are often still speeding from coming off 395. When I cross the intersection, I am afraid every single time that one of these speeding cars won’t see me and will plow right through.

        • Anonymous

          395 traffic is routed to head east on NY ave, so 395 doesn’t really bear any responsibility here. I do agree that it’s a shitty intersection for pedestrians however. (My best guess is that if you extend the walk time over 18 seconds, it would adversely impact the road-going traffic on NY ave, causing potential bottlenecks around the 395 spur and then again around 7th street.)

          • Beth

            Interesting re: 395 — thanks.

            Incidentally, I think you’re right about the reason the timing was kept as-is. I just would like to see the actual study that says it so I can understand what options were considered.

            I also wonder, for example:
            – how much of a bottleneck an additional 5-10 seconds would cause.
            – how recently the study was done, and if it takes into account the recent of influx of new residents who would, say, cross New York Ave to go to the City Vista building (Safeway, Busboys, Vida, etc.) on foot.
            It’s totally possible that the decision is the right one, buI don’t have enough information yet and can’t seem to get it. I see nothing that seems like the right study on the DDOT website and I’ve contacted DDOT in two different ways to try to get the study. I haven’t heard back from them (yet?). Not sure what else to do….

  • I just noticed for the first time the other day that they’ve all got different colored pastel doors, kinda cute.

    • Anonymous

      they used to be brightly colored doors, but have faded.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing this whole row is owned by one party? If so, do they lease out apartments or are some of those houses intact?

    • JS

      I may be wrong but I believe the whole row is organized as a condo association.

      • Anonymous

        it definitely was when it was first renovated about 10 years ago or so.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting – thanks!

  • Jess

    I live here. They’re owned by the United House of Prayer, and they are a very nice landlord to us. I love it so much I’ve been here for years, as have many of my neighbors.

    They’re all converted into apartments.

  • Sara

    I live here too! They’re rentals with very nice landlords. I agree that the one downside has nothing to do with the building and everything to do with crossing NY Ave at 5th. No one can make it across a grade-level highway in 18 seconds! This absolutely must be made safer for pedestrians.

  • Anonymous

    At the very least the walk signs on the east crossing needs to be retimed so that each section (crossing L, crossing NY, crossing L again) is timed separately. The timing makes no sense for the entirety of that intersection.


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