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  • JoeD

    This house is constantly listed on Craigslist rooms/shares as having an open room–I have seen it posted at least once each month since October. Anyone know the deal? The pictures show the awesome port hole windows from the interior, but my assumption was that someone picked up the pics for a spam ad.

    Either way, it’s beautiful!

    • JF

      No this is a group house. I looked at one of the rooms when I graduated from college. The house has a pretty high turnover rate. The rooms are expensive ( the one I looked at was $1k/mo) you share a bathroom with at least one other person and there are 6 or 7 other people living in the house.

  • Anonymous

    Curious since I never had the group house experience. In houses such as this with a lot of people do people put locks on their bedroom doors?

    • anon

      My house used to be a group house, and all the bedrooms (and the hall closets!) have their own locks. I think they were installed by the landlord.
      I don’t know if this is true of group houses in general, but it seems like a good idea. If I lived in a group house, I’d want some measure of security/privacy.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t have any key-controlled bedroom locks in my 7 person group house on U Street. But we all went to the same grad schools (graduated in different years), so there was an element of familiarity and we all knew the same people.
      If it was a bunch of random folks from Craigslist with high turnover, I’d probably want a lock.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard that a shit ton of witchcraft is practiced in this house.

    • Anonymous

      What? Lol. Explain yourself!

  • Anonymous

    ^^it’s true.


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