Georgetown in 2028 – Metro Stop, Streetcars, Gondola, Parklets, Reinvigorated C&O Canal and Lots More

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2014 at 10:30 am 24 Comments

Rendering via Georgtown BID

Yesterday the Georgetown BID released the GEORGETOWN 2028 15 YEAR ACTION PLAN:

“The goal, simply put, was to bring together a disparate group of community members to collaborate on the steps that would enhance the Georgetown experience for our visitors, residents, business owners and the people who work here. After more than 100 hours of meetings that engaged more than 200 members of our professional and residential community, a consensus plan was reached which includes 75 recommendations to address pressing transportation issues, enhance public space, reduce office vacancies and attract more unique shops and restaurant.

The resulting Georgetown 2028 Plan and Action Agenda can be read here

Streetcar and Gondola renderings after the jump.



  • ledroittiger

    30 years too late. Add a ring line to the NE you muppets.

    • That Man A


      & Gondola… thats laughable lol

    • Grand Funk

      Ha, ha!

  • Anon

    Georgetown wants visitors?

  • Tim

    Why not remove the freeway?

    • Anonymous

      Because the traffic on M Street will be even worse. Keep the freeway, but enclose it. Put a park on top of it.

  • Anonymous

    I like how the report has a special box to make the case that the lack of a metro station was due to metro planners rather than community opposition. The report says it was engineering challenges, which to me is suspect considering what metro did manage to accomplish in the 1970s—stations buried very deep in the ground, under rivers, etc. I’m skeptical.

    • History

      I know “the rich people killed the metro” canard sounds better to the folks here, but as someone living here during the 70’s when Metro was being built, that is as ridiculous as it gets.

      Metro was being built via cut and cover at the time. To overcome the grade differntial that needed to be made up between the proposed georgetown stop and the rosslyn stop, they would have either had the deepest cut and cover in the system, which would have destroyed all of M street for 3-4 years, shutting down all the business on M from the 4 Seasons to the bridge…

      Or, they would have had to tunnel it, which is an expense they weren’t willing bear, and even if they wanted to fund it, the elevation change and grade differnential from M street to the river is enormous and there were severe engineering issues in supporting the downhill side of the tunnel on such crappy soils that were a little beyond the technology at the time.

      • carlosthedwarf

        +1. I’m quite lefty and anti-NIMBY, but this canard needs to die already.

      • Greg

        And besides, Georgetown in the 60’s and 70’s wasn’t exactly teeming with rich and powerful NIMBYs, anyway. While there have always been some enclaves of old money, the area where Metro would’ve run was far more blue collar/bohemian back then.

  • Anon no.5

    Streetcar seems like a good idea; I would venture to guess that Georgetown still doesn’t want a metro stop. LOL at the gondola.

  • Anonymous

    Fast-forward to the year 2035 where, after a long day, an Arlington resident looks down on the floor of the Gondolator.and is sore to find the soles of their brown Tevas barely peaking the surface of a pool of GU student vomit.

  • annonny

    Hahahaha, nice try but until the 200 people who had 100 hours of community meetings about this can come up with several $ billion to build out a new metro line, this is going nowhere. I could take my crayon box and draw all kinds of new metro lines to make DC look like the Paris system…..but without a shit ton of money, none of its going to happen anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. They will do the above-ground trolley and just connect it to Foggy Bottom metro station. That’s the most realistic plan, given budget constraints. A Metro station in Georgetown just doesn’t seem worth the hassle.
      Though, a trolley is going to seriously suck for VA drivers. They are going to throw a sh#tfit. LOL.

  • I don’t see a pedestrian bridge to Roosevelt Island happening, but it would be very easy and relatively inexpensive to restore the ferry service that used to run between Georgetown and the island.

  • anon

    What, no C*H*U*Ds?

  • gloomingdale

    How about Georgetown in 2020, more than 2 bike racks.

  • jumpingjack

    Gondolas are a ridiculous idea, but yes to parklets – all over DC, not just in Georgetown! San Francisco has them and they are delightful. I just sat in the one featured in this video on Sunday. http://parkletdc.org/

  • shortstack

    That circular Metro line is the worst idea ever. It’s basically just designed to ferry more Virginians in and out of downtown D.C., while doing very little to increase service to D.C. residents. Meanwhile, with all of the development in the works in NE, at Walter Reed, and up North Cap, gridlock for East DC and MD commuters is going to be hell.

    • Eric comments

      The reason for adding the new metro line to Georgetown is because the tunnel from Rosslyn to Foggy Bottom is working at capacity. When the Silver line opens, the back ups at Rosslyn will be worse. Adding the extra tunnel will make the whole system more efficient and allow for more frequent trains. It’s not a circular line, it goes on past the stations pictured in the report. The report uses the proposed new metro line that was proposed last year and which connects to other lines, it just does not include the whole metro map.

    • Anon

      +1 – to be frank, it’s as though Metro’s 2028 proposal is a racist metro map. NE DC gets nothing from the deal and with the population density in NE DC – along the H Street corridor, Union Market, Atlas areas – only increasing (and the existing bus lines being pathetically stretched to the max, with streetcar offering only a slower and inefficient commuter option – streetcar can be for the tourists) the proposed 2025 map lacks any futuristic vision at all. It’s unfathomable that WMATA gets away with suggesting that streetcar and the buses will serve NE DC whilst Georgetown manages to “justify” 2 metro stops. We all know that areas develop and flourish with subway. Why not extend a branch of the new blue line beyond Union Station, up to Union Market, down along H Street and past Atlas to Carver Langston?….. The only reason that Metro has given for not extending the proposed new line into NE DC (see WMATA’s PlanitMetro website) is that they say there would not be enough ridership – but anyone living in NE DC can see that this will simply not be the case. I think Metro got its statistics/capacity study done in 2002 when there were few new developments rising up in NE… There is nothing futuristic about the new “vision”!

      • anon

        they wouldn’t extend the blue line past union station down h street because that’s where the trolley is. it’d be much more efficient to extend the trolley past union station to end at georgetown, which is in fact the plan.

        • anon

          There is no way streetcar will be more efficient than subway. Subway moves faster; has its own tracks and doesn’t stop at as many stops. Streetcar will never manage to offer a viable transportation means to anyone on a timetable – it’s just for tourists and regular people when they don’t have to be somewhere in a hurry. No good for commuters.

  • As President of the C&O Canal Trust, I would be very interested in hearing the reaction of readers to the proposals in the 2028 Report regarding the C&O Canal.
    — Mike Nardolilli


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