Brookland’s “renovated into a palace” Listing Drops Price, Adds Special Incentive

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm 38 Comments


Thanks to a reader for letting us know “the palace” of Brookland has a special new incentive:

“This is a spectacular home that has been renovated into a palace. Originally it was a standard Bungalow but the owner has bumped it out into include a huge master bedroom suite. The main level has been renovated with a new kitchen with high end appl., renovated rec room, rear patio/barbecue pit, Bose Entertainment System and parking for 4 cars. ***plus 2013 Lincoln MKT Town Car!!!

Back in May 2011 this was one of the most discussed GDoN houses ever listed. It was going for $1,500,000. In Dec. 2011 it was listed at $1,200,000. And today it’s going for $995,000.

  • Anonymous

    So I take it drugs are still a big problem in this part of town?

    • anonymous

      Only if you are referring to the owners being the user.. great neighborhood great location the house overpriced.

      • Anonymous

        yup – just a friendly jab at the seller

    • Anonymous

      Wow! What a deal!! I can get a 1.5 million dollar house for just $9.95k!!?? What number do I call!>!>!>?

  • brookland_rez

    Still at least $300k over priced.

  • Truxton Thomas

    So the owner can’t afford the car payment anymore after a series of bad decisions on the house? What a trainwreck.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, super tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, normally I think people are too hard on some places (with exception of the hideous pop-ups) on GDoN houses but this is awful! Clearly a drug dealer designed this renovation.

    • Anonymous

      That’s pretty offensive to the seller even despite the price issues. I got offended by reading that. Just because some unpopular design decisions were made, it doesn’t warrant calling the designer a drug dealer.

      • anon

        This is in jest… right?

        • Anonymous

          Where does the drug dealer comment come from? That’s not clear here…

  • Anon

    Bungalows should NEVER look like this!

    • More like bungleow!

      • Truxton Thomas


  • textdoc

    I was re-reading the original post, and the comments made me LOL. Repeatedly.

    • gotryit

      +1 those are priceless. I like how one guy joked about the car getting repo’d. I’d like to take that guy to the racetrack.

  • oh. my.

  • Anonymous

    FIrst thing I’d do: replace the “parking for 4 cars” with something actually useful, like living space, or a bus stop.

  • baffled

    Who surrounds a $6000 fridge by $60 cabinets?

  • Wobble

    Wow! It takes my breath away. What were these people thinking??

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen. Million dollar house??

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the crazy ugly house in Capital Hill with the glass solarium and hideous wood decor that the owner is trying to rent/sell for ridiculous amounts.
    This place is only assessed by the city for $380,000 in 2014. Would that affect a buyer’s ability to get financing for such a high price?

    • Anonymous

      DC tax assessments do not typically affect the value assessment carried out by the lender. The fact that the asking price is still hundreds of thousands of dollars detached from reality does.

      • anon

        Exactly — tax assessments are usually lower than what the property actually appraises for. I think the base assessment value is determined each time the property sells, but it can go up only by a certain percentage year to year.

  • anon

    This guy probably told his architect “I’m going to be the king of this block!”

    • Anonymous

      I pray for the sake of my profession that there was no architect involved with this travesty of bad taste.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, the itty bitty basketball hoop on one of the bedroom walls is definitely a highlight!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this would do better as a rental. I can kinda see a bunch of frat boys finding this place kewl for a few years.

  • Vered

    Why? Why? Why would they do this to an innocent bungalow? That’s all I want to know.
    Bungalows have always embodied the “bigger is not always better” aesthetic. They were not created for the wealthy, but were meant to be an affordable housing option for not-rich families.
    What were the sellers thinking, encasing what was a wide shady porch inside a fake stone wall with tiny windows?
    Is there such a thing as architectural assassination?

    • textdoc

      Just imagine what these folks could do to a shotgun shack. Or a garden shed!

  • LAW in MVS

    Bungalow on steroids!!

  • brightwood

    Who is running the “It’ll ‘accidentally’ burn down on or before … ” betting pool? I want in. And I say July 4th.

  • I don’t get all the “designed by a drug dealer” comments. Is there some photo that signifies this or do people personally know the owner?

    • Anonymous

      just snark i think. super rude too.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I read the comments before looking at pictures. I was expecting to see Scarface’s house. The pictures don’t look that bad. Not what I would have done, but nothing that makes me think drug dealer. If you’ve ever been house hunting in DC, this is probably one of the better ones. Just not for that price.

  • Anonymous

    So they’ve been trying to sell this thing for close to three years? I guess they’re not in a huge rush then…
    That stone looks like the stuff Home Depot sells that comes meshed together for patios and walkways. Did they just cover the house in it? Everything inside looks like builder’s grade Home Depot except for the ridiculously expensive fridge and stove. Also, who needs parking for FOUR cars?

  • Jay

    That’s like a $40,000 car, but will they count that toward the appraisal? Can you include a car in a mortgage?

  • stcohi

    Did Fred Flintstone live here at some point?

  • Anonymous

    These people are on drugs if they think this will sell for that price. The car was offered all last year in the listing though. That’s not new.


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