• That Man A

    lol its an SLS

    AMG isnt the model

    • Oops – what’s the AMG?

      • Anonymous

        AMG is the performance group within Mercedes that produces their high performance models. Similar to what SRT used to be for Chrysler before they spun it off to it’s own division.

  • Anon

    Actually it is an AMG hence the badge on the rear end. If you look at the Mercedes website it is listed under AMG’s. It’s full name is SLS AMG.

  • joeschmoe

    For $200K, it had better be nice!

  • Anonymous

    I think Ovie has one of these thats more customized – or something similar at least. Also – is this the car where the doors flip up to open. I could Google all of this I guess, but then what are you guys going to do on a Friday

    • Anonymous

      Yup – that’s it with the winged doors. While Ovie might have this car as well, he was driving an SL65 AMG in that ESPN (?) article from a while back. Those are different models. (AMG simply means that they belong to the “performance series” of Mercedes.)

  • DMVist

    Yep, looks very pretty but I can assure you that it rides as hard as nails, particularly on DC’s streets. The suspension is set up for the track and has no place on the city’s unforgiving streets. Whoever parked it there is probably visiting a chiropractor!

  • Anonymous

    that’s pretty badace


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