Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of Simple Bar and Grill, 5828 Georgia Avenue, NW

From an email:

Simple Bar and Grill will be open the for New Year’s Eve! The menu will be very Simple and tasty, we have a fixed menu that will be a 4 course diner but we will be open from 11:30 am and serve are regular menu until 5 pm the kitchen will close from 5 to 8 to prepare New Year’s Eve but the bar will be open for drinks and bar food. The fixed dinner will cost 55 for one person or 100 per 2 and it will start at 7:30 to 8:00 the dinner is a 4 course dinner.”

Simple Bar and Grill is located just south of Missouri and the new Walmart on Georgia Ave.

Photo courtesy of Simple Bar and Grill


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