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Old City Cafe Closed/Renovating in Adams Morgan?

by Prince Of Petworth December 4, 2013 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

1773 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that windows at Old City Cafe have been papered over. Old City Cafe opened up at 1773 Columbia Rd, NW back in 2007. You can see their menu here. Calls to the restaurant ring without being answered or going to voicemail. Are there any fans?

I did notice a window was smashed on the left hand side so perhaps it is related?


  • EdH

    That window has been smashed like that for a couple of months now.

    I hope they’re just remodeling, because it’s a pretty good place. However, I never see anyone in there. Whenever we go in there maybe are one other two other patrons, max.

    • Emilie504

      Yeah I’ve always wondered how they stay open. It’s good food, but I never see anyone in there.

  • Anonymous

    I liked that it had a Streetfighter arcade game inside.

  • mmm

    It’s remarkable they lasted as long as they did — I’ve NEVER seen more than a couple of people in there in the 5+ years they’ve been open. Hard to compete with Amsterdam IMO.

  • Pixie

    Too bad, the owners were nice and they had great food. They always had beautiful plants around their outdoor seating area.

  • Anonymous

    Great people and pretty good food. It has been a reliable part of my routine over the years. That said, I wish someone had helped them out (maybe I should have?) regarding interior decorating. It was one of the least inviting spaces and they could have done so much more to make it an inviting space.

    • textdoc

      +1. I used to live very close by, but went there only once — the food was fine, but the ambience was a little depressing.

    • annonny

      I’m sorry I missed this place since I love Lebanese food. That said, I tried to go twice, and was put off both times by the horrendous interior. The first time I didn’t even get to the counter to order since I couldn’t figure out where I would actually sit to eat. The second time I decided to get take-out, but after waiting a good 5 minutes and shouting “Hello?” several times, nobody came to take my order. Made me feel like I was left behind in Old Jerusalem after the Rapture….

  • Tall E

    This makes me sad, it was the best falafel around and true to their Jersalem roots. Unfortunately it was a little depressing inside and agree that it’s surprising it stayed open as long as it did. Hope the owner can open up somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      +1 – A little storefront somewhere. He could use 1/4 the space and it wouldn’t hurt a bit.

  • Anony

    I love this place — don’t get there as often since I moved out of Columbia Heights, but its a great alternative 18th Street late night food. I always wondered how it stayed open since it was never busy, but very good food and great toppings. The guy who ran it is very friendly.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointing if they’re closed. I never understood why Amsterdam Falafel Shop was so much more popular. I liked the food at Old City much better.

  • Anonymous

    I would go here drunk, eat falafel, and read the small collection of weird sci-fi books that they maintained at 1am. Nice folks.

  • cbay

    About a year and a half ago the owner told me that the business was not doing well, and I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. It also has been closing really early (at least 4 hours earlier than their sign) pretty consistently, so I think it’s safe to say it’s closed and not renovating.

  • AdMo maven

    They are closed. They did not renew their lease. They tried to sell their lease but weren’t successful. The proposed buyer backed out.


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