• Anonymous

    I’m in total awe! In a GOOD way.

  • MK

    Love this place. Every time I see it I think of the time I was up in that area for Halloween. That house was all lit up with pumpkins and it was just a little foggy outside. Coming up the walk was an African family all dressed up like the characters from the Wizard of Oz. It was totally surreal.

  • caballero

    Um, wow, I guess, because words fail to describe how cool this is.

  • etcetera

    I grew up down the street from this house and always found it one of the scariest places to walk past as a kid. I would cross the street to walk on the opposite sidewalk. In the 80s the owners had several loud dogs that would rush the fence when you walked by, and i never ever saw any people coming or going. Highland place is full of incredible properties like this one, but the expansive front lawn makes this one particularly impressive… and maybe a little intimidating when you’re a kid!

  • Phoebe

    Am I seeing this right? Looks like a little house kind of growing off the side of a big house. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who didn’t know DC had houses like this?

    • MRD

      That’s just Cleveland Park. You should see what’s hiding in the trees of Rock Creek Park. I got lost driving through one night because I didn’t know about the rush hour traffic restrictions.
      As with all of DC, I only know the way that I know and there are virtually no street signs. Some of the houses I saw were so surprisingly grand and secluded, I was actually scared that armed security guards would jump out and chase my cheap little beat-up car away.

  • bmoredc

    Wow. Looks like it could be a beast to maintain, but that house is really something.

  • Maddy’s Mom

    The house was built around 1900, one of the earliest in the neighborhood. The pagoda-like porch was added in 1906 and the roof was tiled in 1916. Quite something, even among the grand houses of Highland Place.


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