• MK

    To think it sold for $250,000 in 1993. I was born too late.

  • Anonymous

    I love that one too, I always call it the “fat man” house because of the man over the door lol. I wondered if it was a condo building, but now I know!

  • My wife and I used to rent the basement of this building! Loved living there. Perfect location and a really charming building. Definitely has some “old DC” building issues but I love it.

  • billionbucks


  • CHIP

    Worth it, and even cheap. 5 floors, counting apt. and nearly 6,900 sq feet, and full of historic detail including original moldings, brasses and such. Owners use for home/office (they are my lawyers) but could be ultimate A lister home. HUGE and ultimately someone can sell it to a developer but hopefully not yet. One of the rare places with the 1875 details intact, original stairwell, stained glass and such. I’ve been inside and it is impressive as all get out. About 400 a sq foot when new const with a tenth the charm is over 600.


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