From the Forum – Looking for Cheap Drywall Recs and Firewood Delivery

by Prince Of Petworth December 17, 2013 at 2:15 pm 12 Comments

Anyone know where to get some cheap(er) drywall?

“I’m doing a little work in my basement and am need of some drywall. Anyone know where I can get some cheap drywall? At Home Depot it runs between $9 and $14 per sheet.”


Firewood delivery:

“I’m looking for recommendations for firewood delivery. I live in Petworth. I have gone to Yelp and I have googled a ton. I have left voicemail messages and emailed several places with no responses. I’m not sure why this is so hard. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.”

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  • Try Peoples Supply for the drywall. They’re a great lumber yard.

    • JohnnyReb

      I second that choice! I bought all of my Pratt & Lambert interior paint from them earlier this year, and it was a super deal ($22 a gallon).

  • Anonymous

    How much firewood are you looking for? I know a guy in Southern Maryland who will delivery.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I don’t know if it’ll be cheaper than Home Depot, but try Galligher & Huguely on Blair Rd. in the Takoma neighborhood for the drywall. They’re a big professional construction supply store.

    • +1 It’s a good alternative to big box stores and they deliver. It seems like almost all of their business is professional contractors but they’ve always been really nice to me as just a regular homeowner who lives in the neighborhood. It’s the kind of place where you go in to buy a few loose screws or something and they won’t even charge you because they know that you’ll be back for bigger ticket items. They also give good advice on what to use for your project. Once they even recommended something that they didn’t carry and recommended Home Depot for it. Just remember to check their hours. Since they cater to contractors they open early and close early.

  • Pcat

    Warren Aylor just delivered some firewood to me. He’s at 540-229-2905. You can text him.

  • Anonymous

    How much drywall do you need and how soon? Sign up for freecycle, people give away unused sheets and half sheets all the time. Of course you have to factor in driving all over DC to save a few bucks. See craigslist for the same, but usually in larger lots as people unload surplus from jobs for fairly cheap.

  • Anonymous

    i just priced drywall recently – i found that gallaher had higher prices, i ended up buying from a place called kamco supply, on west virginia ave ne (i called about 8 places.)

  • Ashley B.

    I can’t speak to whether it’s a good value, but I was very pleased with Tim Corbin’s Tree Service. They were responsive and delivered within a week of me reaching out. And carried half a cord down my spiral staircase from the alley to my patio.


  • Vered

    I can tell you a vehement anti-recommendation is circulating on the Chevy Chase Community listserv about a firewood seller in that neighborhood, Randy Dodson, who also claims to work as a contractor. Two people have complained that he had taken their down payments but never showed up to do the work he was hired for. I’m just passing along what I’ve read, not my personal experience.

  • firewood

    I don’t order firewood so I can’t comment that much but several people on my block use a guy named Michael Fincham who delivers. 540-987-9257. I see him around delivering and he seems friendly and I imagine reliable as they seem to use him every year .

  • Thanks guys! This is helpful.


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