• Anonymous

    They may be comming but I certainly won’t be gooing. Didn’t they even look at the banner before they put it up?

  • Anonymous

    I’m very confused.

  • Billy

    Wait, what?

  • Stoney_D

    1. comming
    A common misspelling of a word that seems so easy to spell that it hurts your brain when it’s actually misspelled in this fashion. Even if you sounded out the word “coming” phonetically, to try and spell it, you would not get anything resembling “comming.”

    • Anonymous

      it’s a obviously a typing error. get over yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, a typing error, but to be fair…if a business can’t be bothered to proof their own marketing materials (especially when it’s a big banner), it does make you wonder how careful and detail-oriented they’re going to be about running other aspects of the business.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t follow – so it used to be a Caliyogurt, and it’s going “become” Caliyogurt?

    • It is bizarre. Presumably they are renovating and will reopen? I’ve never seen someone do that a put out a coming soon sign like this.

      • Anonymous

        My guess is that they were part of a franchise, but then left it. They slightly changed the presentation of the name so they wouldn’t get sued by the parent company.

  • Tom

    Soooo meta.

  • Anonymous

    Confusing headline is confusing.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it’s just the nonfat yogurt that’s coming soon? The sign says “Comming (sic) soon” and then “nonfat yogurt.” I don’t know if they had nonfat before or not, but it’s the only way I can make sense of this.

  • Anonymous

    BRING BACK THE TARO (flavored yogurt, that is)

  • Jerome

    The owner and staff are really nice people. The Taro flavor is amazing.


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